The words “office refit” can be both exciting and daunting in equal measure. People love a new office or factory space, but sometimes the cost of a refit, the planning and disruption can prove prohibitive.

All the more reason to do it well. No pressure, right?

Pair that with the fact that this is all being done while the whole company looks on and has their opinions around the water cooler.

Take a deep breath and use these reasons to gain clarity about what this refit is all about and the benefits, so you can come up with a plan and design that will do your company proud.


What does the future hold?

What does the next 5-10 years look like for your company? If the future of your industry is changing, how does that affect your current office space?

Do you need to add more space? Can furniture be removed that will no longer be relevant? For example, if there are digital backups of paper files, can filing cabinets be removed to make way for new types of working spaces?  


Top 5 Reasons for an Office Refit

1. An Office Refit to Comply with Future Legislation

Keep your company on the up and up regarding government legislation. Nothing can cause a headache faster than not being in compliance with legislation that results in fines. Stay a step ahead when planning your office refit to ensure a clean report from the government.


2. Office Refit for Personal Safety and Health

Another top reason for an office refit is for the personal safety and health of your employees. From the air they breathe to the equipment they use to the facilities they are surrounded by all day. Show them you care and avoid messy legal action by taking care of their surroundings. This minimises the chance of accidents.


3. A New Office Refit to Be More Green

Walk the walk when it comes to showing that your company cares about the environment and the carbon footprint you are making. How many natural materials can you use in your office refit? Can you use furniture that has multiple uses? Are their local manufacturers for some of the items you need?

TOP TIP for Your Office Refit – Share your green office refit story with your employees, customers and on social media to create a buzz!

Your employees will take pride knowing that their company is serious about protecting mother earth. You may even gain new customers because people want to support those companies who are environmentally conscious.


4. Reorganisation for Contraction or Expansion Requires an Office Refit

Company reorganisations or mergers might be the reason for your office refit. There might be either the addition or subtraction of people and equipment. Use this situation to refit your office to suit the needs of the changing environment.

TOP TIP for your Office Refit – Bring in some wall murals to communicate any new company logos or colours. Wall murals are also a great way to use colour and images that are inspiring to employees and clients.

Re-configuring works spaces to address the specific needs of the employees will increase productivity. A new break area or lunch room can create connections between employees that wouldn’t have occurred before, which in turn could lead to those spontaneous meetings where those great ideas happen. (Now we’re talking!)


5. Updating the Office with an Office Refit for Employees and Clients

Whether or not your office refit includes any of the above reasons, updating the cosmetic look of your office has positive affects on your employees and clients. Like getting new clothes or a new haircut! People like being in areas that are pretty, modern, and appropriate for their industry.

Nothing beats high morale and happy people for a thriving business – Productivity is improved, ideas are sparked, kindness and generosity are practiced more.

A well designed and up-to-date office or factory space speaks volumes to people who spend a large part of their life at work.