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Creating Inspiring Spaces

As a full-service office fit out company, we offer everything from concept to design and project management right through to the build of your office offering exceptional quality and delivering designs within tight timeframes and budgets. We have designed and built office spaces for over a decade and we have the expertise to fit your needs, regardless of your industry or purpose – whether for business relocation, office fitout, partitions, washrooms, office refurbishment or renovation- and work closely with you to create the ideal working environment.

Irrespective of project size or type, we understand that there is no ‘typical’ design or fitout for your workplace. Every business has unique and individual needs and we can cater for all of them.

Our Project Team assesses everything you need for your new office space, from the initial planning stages through to the day of completion. We are on hand to guide you through the process and relieve the stress involved. At all stages we will be fully committed to the job and together with good strategic planning and a great understanding of how your business works, deliver the end result, within budget and on time.

We also know your budget is extremely important and before you commit to anything, we will provide you with a full break-down of Options and costings so that you are completely clear of what you are committing to without any hidden costs.

Once you’ve seen the designs and they have been agreed, we can prepare realistic time-scales to ensure all work is carried out efficiently, safely and with as little disruption to your operations as practicably possible and if Building Regulation Approval is required, all drawings, engineering calculations and the specifications produced by us, are submitted with the relevant application forms to the Local Authority on your behalf.

With many years of experience dealing with Building Regulation approval we are very aware of the latest legislation in place and can advise of any requirements before any work commences. Our fully trained and highly experienced team are on hand to support you throughout and we are fully equipped to handle any scale of office fit out, whatever your requirements may be.

Returning Workspaces to Use

Dilapidations occur primarily at the end of a lease. “Tenants enter commercial leases agreeing to keep premises in repair; if they do not, the law of dilapidations applies. Landlords have the ability to serve a schedule of dilapidations on a tenant either during or more commonly a the end of the lease, itemising the breaches of covenant. Remedies for the landlord will be for the tenant to undertake the specified works or for them to seek to recover from the tenant the cost of making good the repair.

When faced with a schedule of dilapidations we can provide a full range of services to both landlords and tenants. The dilapidations works could call for considerable internal and external refurbishment work to restore the premises to their original condition and layout.

On a lesser scale it might just be redecoration and general repairs to complete a dilapidation schedule. Dilapidation issues affect landlords and tenants alike especially upon lease termination. Potential dilapidations should be considered carefully at the start of the lease otherwise the cost of discharging any leasehold obligations at the end of the term could be significant for the tenant.

The landlord will naturally expect the value of their asset not to have depreciated over the term of the lease due to a lack of maintenance by the tenant or due to internal and external alterations that affect the asset value or affect the rentable value of their property.

A key part of our role is to understand the full scope of the works that the client requires and to ensure that the works are carried out effectively and quickly with minimal disruption. We are always conscious of cost and we will deliver within budget and on time. We will work around our clients’ needs and often do work outside of normal working hours.

Expanding the Workplace

Rather than looking from left to right at where you can expand next, try looking up! If you are in a building with a high roof then why not build above? Unlike traditional methods where footings and supporting brickwork walls are required – which can cause complete chaos to the operation of the business – Structural Steel Mezzanine Floors offer an effective solution. Whether you require a mezzanine floor for storage only or for additional office space, we have the answer.

Designed for medium and heavy duty storage but also used for additional office space, mezzanine floor systems can be easily configurable and relocated if required. Mezzanine floors are a highly cost-effective solution if your workplace is running out of space and it’s too costly or inconvenient to relocate or you’re looking for a flexible storage solution or require minimal obstructions on ground level? (clear open areas under floor), for example.

Whether you require a Mezzanine Floor for additional Storage or for Extra Offices, we have the answer. The flexibility of design allows us to develop the correct solution for your individual requirements with these key advantages:

– Enables easy Expansion
– Offers wide-ranging functionality – office or industrial
– Fast installation enabling minimal disruption
– Suitable for most type of businesses

From site survey, Engineering Calculations, Approved Drawings and Building Regulations, a mezzanine floor can be turned around in as little as 2 weeks and normally installed within 2/3 days.

Our expert design and installation teams will ensure that the floor you choose will provide you with the space you need to suite the purpose for which you intend to use it.

During installation, we will do our upmost to minimise disruption to your business, ensuring where possible, that your business will be able to function with minimal disruption throughout the mezzanine flooring installation.

Creating Space Within Space

Office partitions offer enhanced privacy and improved acoustics without the need for partitioning your office permanently.

When deciding on the type of partitioning that best suits your needs, it is important to take into consideration a number of questions: is the partitioning for industrial use, is noise reduction an issue, does it need to be fire rated, is glazing required? Also, from the colour for powder coating right through to the type of door furniture required – careful consideration must be given, making sure that the end result as well as being functional looks modern and shouts efficiency.

Glazed Office partitioning

Stud partitioning is a demountable galvanized framed system, with full height plasterboards screw fixed either side of a 50 or 70mm metal stud with either taped and filled or clamped and covered with cover trims. It is available in a wide number of configurations including solid full height, glazed full height, glazed full height, and partially glazed modules and is so flexible in its design concept that almost any variation of the above is available – even all glass – no framework – giving that total ‘Open Plan’ ambience.

Demountable Partitioning also known as composite partitioning is the most popular partitioning system for office areas, due to its flexibility of application. It is a fully demountable and re-locatable framed partitioning system, with full height honeycomb panels that can be finished glazed in a choice of elevations. Panels are easily modified on site to suit even the most critical angle making virtually any layout possible.

Frameless Glazed Office partitioning

Due to its robust characteristics and its easy to install and maintain modules, it is an extremely popular choice for warehouse and factory environments. Whether the application is for single skin or double skin, both systems offer the flexibility to incorporate glass or mesh panels to many different elevations. The standard finish on the steel is powder coating in five colours, but can be personalised to suit a colour of your choice. If decibel ratings or fire ratings are required then our Double Skin Partitioning will offer these.

Everyone loves a ‘WOW’ factor. With Silicon Glazed Partitioning (also known as frameless) and the limitless options of Graphics and Manifestation, the elusions that can be created are endless. As the system suggests, with there being no obvious aluminium dividing components, the walls created can look seamless. An ‘Open Plan’ effect is instantly achieved but with the practicality of dividing up areas for confidentially due to noise reduction and privacy.

An Aesthetic & Practical Solution

Suspended ceilings are used as a popular means of improving interior space as they function as secondary ceilings having many essential benefits such as improving the aesthetic appeal of your workspace with suspended ceilings being available in a variety of colours and patterns which add a new dimension to the interior space and make it look more inviting. Ultra modern lighting which is installed with the suspended ceilings is a good way to balance light dispersion in a way which illuminates the space perfectly and suspended ceilings act as an additional cover for the original ceilings and hide any wiring or piping wherever required. They also hide any imperfections with the ceiling design and colouring.

We offer the full range of suspended ceiling systems from standard modular grid layouts through to high performance and architectural specifications

In the majority of cases, for either application, a standard laying grid would be the most cost-effective solution for creating a finished ceiling to an area. If you require a room to be constructed in a large warehouse where the warehouse roof is excessively high, then the walls can be simply built freestanding and a ceiling installed (being self supported) just to that area. If heat loss is an issue, then insulation quilt can easily be installed directly above the ceiling and if the suspended ceiling needs to offer good acoustics or sound attenuation, specific ceiling tiles along with the required insulation are available.

Dependent on the area involved it may be that the suspended ceiling needs to be Fire Rated. This can be achieved in a number of ways and by using specific tiles. Standard laying grids can easily achieve up to 60 min Fire Rating if installed in the correct manner.

By using the most up-to-date materials manufactured by all the ‘Industry Specialists’ such as Armstrong, and British Gypsum, the most amazing ceilings can be installed. These include curved and waved ceilings, feature bulkheads, shadow lines – just to mention a few.

Our Clients

We have provided our fit out, refurbishment and office furniture services to a wide-range of high-profile clients and continually strive to not only meet their expectations and requirements … but exceed them!