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An Aesthetic & Practical Solution

Suspended ceilings are used as a popular means of improving interior space as they function as secondary ceilings having many essential benefits such as improving the aesthetic appeal of your workspace with suspended ceilings being available in a variety of colours and patterns which add a new dimension to the interior space and make it look more inviting. Ultra modern lighting which is installed with the suspended ceilings is a good way to balance light dispersion in a way which illuminates the space perfectly and suspended ceilings act as an additional cover for the original ceilings and hide any wiring or piping wherever required. They also hide any imperfections with the ceiling design and colouring.

We offer the full range of suspended ceiling systems from standard modular grid layouts through to high performance and architectural specifications.

In the majority of cases, for either application, a standard laying grid would be the most cost-effective solution for creating a finished ceiling to an area. If you require a room to be constructed in a large warehouse where the warehouse roof is excessively high, then the walls can be simply built freestanding and a ceiling installed (being self supported) just to that area. If heat loss is an issue, then insulation quilt can easily be installed directly above the ceiling and if the suspended ceiling needs to offer good acoustics or sound attenuation, specific ceiling tiles along with the required insulation are available.

Dependent on the area involved it may be that the suspended ceiling needs to be Fire Rated. This can be achieved in a number of ways and by using specific tiles. Standard laying grids can easily achieve up to 60 min Fire Rating if installed in the correct manner.

By using the most up-to-date materials manufactured by all the ‘Industry Specialists’ such as Armstrong, and British Gypsum, the most amazing ceilings can be installed. These include curved and waved ceilings, feature bulkheads, shadow lines – just to mention a few.

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