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Practical Workplace Features For Employees

Business owners spend a considerable amount of funds on trying to make their office the best environment for their workers to work in. What really makes a team of people happy, comfortable and settled in the workplace though? There are many different theories about what the modern offices should look like today and how they need to be as practical as possible, but practical doesn’t have to mean costly, and it doesn’t have to mean mean ostentatious either.

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Factors for Choosing an Office

What Should You Be Looking For In A New Office?

Buying or renting new office space can be a daunting venture, especially in big cities, as there is so much on offer these days. Knowing what you should be looking for in an office can depend on your budget and completely depend on the needs of you business, but there are some basics you should be looking for in a good office to rent or buy.

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Three Ways To Improve Your Posture In The Office

On average, office workers are spending 4-9 hours a day sitting behind a desk. Although the benefits of working in an office are great, sitting at a desk for lengthy amounts of time is causing damage to your body and your posture. You are at a much higher risk of suffering with pains, aches and irreparable damage to your back if you do not sit correctly and understand the importance of being conscious of your posture.

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Purposeful Office Design – Could It Benefit Your Business?

When redesigning your office, more than making it aesthetically pleasing should be on your mind. Business owners shouldn’t be just adopting the latest design trends for the sake of it either, there’s more to office design than looking modern, appearance isn’t everything.

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Bench Desks for Collaborative Working News

Bench Desks: The Way Forward For Collaborative Working!

Team work and collaborative working is becoming an increasingly popular way to get the job done for many businesses and work forces across the UK. The old saying goes, two heads are better than one, and imagine what you can achieve with four heads, instead of just two and so on.

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Office Partitions News

Office Partitions And Screens – Things To Consider…

Every office and every business has a wide range of duties and responsibilities that need to be completed. Most businesses will have separate departments for specific needs of the business, and this is where desk partitions and screens can be handy.

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