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The Hub of the Workplace

We present a large selection of quality desks and tables for every space in the office. Our range includes boardroom tables, corner desks and meeting tables in a variety of different shapes, sizes and finishes. We are confident we will find an office desk or table designed to fit your workspace needs.

With flexibility becoming key in the modern workspace, office desks are integral to providing a working environment that both suits the needs of the business as well as providing a workspace that suits the staff that use them.

We utilise a wide-range of high-quality suppliers to be able to offer solutions for every office and workplace role with style, comfort, practicality and aesthetic appeal all major considerations when out team are planning the appropriate furniture to install in a workplace.

From boardroom tables to workstations, our design team will consult with the client every step of the way to ensure that the office tables, desks and associated furniture is fit-for-purpose and will fit with the aesthetics of the workplace as well as being fit-for-purpose.

Maintaining Order in the Workspace

Storage is an integral part of the day to day running of any office and we offer a variety of options, allowing your office to remain clutter free. From basic filing cabinets to sophisticated motorized high density storage systems we have the solution for your storage problem. Talk to us about your need and we will work with you to provide the ideal system for your office space and individual requirement.

We offer a wide range of office storage solutions from personal pedestals for individual members of staff to utilise for their ‘at desk’ storage needs’ to full fitted mass storage units than can occupy a wall in a workplace and everything in between.

Floor mounted free-standing units of various capacities can also be deployed along with the more traditional lockers allowing for multiple approaches to storage that will both work with the aesthetics of the workplace and provide functional, effective storage to ensure it is practical to keep the workplace clutter-free with suitable space provided for the storage of all the work-related equipment and supplies needed for the running of the office.

Our design team will discuss your requirements and your working practices to gain an understanding of what storage facilities are required and arrive at the perfect solution, balancing appearance with functionality, for your office and workplace storage furniture.

First Impressions Count

We know a reception area should not only look impressive, but provide a practical work space. Paradigm can completely transform your reception area, making it an approachable, inviting and professional first point of call for visitors as well as a real workstation for the receptionist. We offer a huge choice of materials from which your reception desk can be constructed allowing you to create something as individual as your organization.

As first impressions count when dealing either business to business or business to consumer, the reception area is the first port of call when a visitor arrives at your premises. Our range of reception desks, seating and associated furniture will be designed to ensure the right impressions is given!

We can provide completely bespoke solutions with reception desks shaped to fit the workspace and/or style of the workplace from standard rectangular to curved, elliptical and circular with all sizes catered for. They can be a single colour or completely branded in corporate colours, made form a variery of materials, with surface lighting and your designer will discuss with you the best options for your business during initial interior design consultations.

whether you are looking for a an ultra-modern internally lit glass reception desk or something more traditional, we can supply and install the high quality reception furniture you require – including seating and storage items – to ensure your reception gives the right impression to all visitors and offers the practicality required by the staff that use it.

Comfort and Practicality

We’re proud to stock a huge range of office seating options to suit every workplace and are experienced one-stop shop office furniture fitout experts and can help you choose the best office chair and office seating arrangement that fits your modern office space. Our expert team can help you consider staff requirements, fitout timeline, and project budget.

Choose from quality executive chairs, mesh back chairs, fabric chairs, custom chairs, and utility or industrial chairs that suit any modern office. Our office chair range is ergonomic, and sustainable to ensure high quality with extended warranties. We’re proud to stock a huge range of office seating options to suit every workplace.

If you think about the amount of time that people spend sitting, it becomes clear how important choosing the right chair is. We have seating to suit all the needs of any business. From reception to boardroom to breakout, most of our chairs are available on trial sample basis allowing you to ‘Try before you buy’.

Our office seating is provided by major suppliers with an unsurpassed range to suit every workplace and function and our team will ensure your business gets the right seating for every role required with a huge range of materials and colour schemes available to ensure the the office seating is aesthetic, and fits within the overall design of the workplace, as well as practicable.

Every area of your workplace requires seating of some kind, from comfortable couches in your reception or waiting room through to ergonomic furniture choices for your employees. It is important that you have considered the comfort, health and well being of all users when selecting business office chairs for your workplace and our expert team will guide you in making the right decisions for your staff and workplace.

An Aesthetic & Practical Solution

If you need to create a space within a space and it doesn’t need to be a fixture then office screens could be the solution you are looking for. Screens can be desk mounted, free standing, mobile, high level and made from a wide variety of materials allowing for an aesthetically pleasing space division within the working environment.

Office screens have a number of uses in the workplace, not least providing some privacy for staff at their desks and workstations along with their acoustic noise-reduction capabilities, reducing ‘bleed’ from other staff and areas of the workplace and thus minimising the effect of the typical disturbances experienced in a busy workplace.

Our office screens can be free-standing which gives total flexibility in where they can be moved to, and thus allowing for reconfiguration of the workspace, or desk-mounted and can come in a variety of colours to suit the overall aesthetic of the office space. In addition, they can be utilised to create ‘rooms within rooms’, allowing for quiet spaces to be created in a busy environment for staff interaction or solitary working.

Our expert design team will discuss your requirements and suggest the appropriate office screens to suit your needs and those of your business and staff to ensure that the solution provided is fit-for-purpose.

Our Clients

We have provided our fit out, refurbishment and office furniture services to a wide-range of high-profile clients and continually strive to not only meet their expectations and requirements … but exceed them!