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Creating Inspiring Spaces

Interior design isn’t just about the decoration and that’s why our designs draw on aspects including the environment, existing architecture of your office building, the product design of the furniture you want to include alongside the visual aspects and over all look.

Our skilled team make all of these elements work together to create a working environment suited perfectly to your businesses specific requirements, working with you to not only transform the cosmetics of your office space but improve efficiency and productivity with inspirational design concepts.

With all elements of how your business works taken into consideration, your office space not only looks great but encourages those working in it to achieve the best, creating a better all round environment for you, your staff and your clients. You will always be in control of your interior design project, which is why we provide you with initial test fit and concept drawings and space planning, to give you an understanding of how the new designs and layouts will work within your building.

To ensure all elements work seamlessly together, we look at fixtures and fittings and office furniture that not only work with the textures and colours of the concept designs, but reflect the overall feel of your brand.

We work tirelessly to bring your ideas to life, so by providing you with 3D visualisations and working drawings you can be sure that you have complete confidence in the designs for your office space and any planning permission criteria is met.

So, if you’re looking for an office space that not only offers a practical solution but completely inspires the people working from it, talk to us about how we can make that a reality.

Aesthetic and Practical

A Busy commercial environment requires a flooring solution that is equally aesthetically pleasing and durable to ensure that it lasts throughout the years of heavy usage. Making the right choice, is essential.

If the flooring is in an area that may get wet or condensation creates a damp environment – for example Changing areas, Shower Rooms, Kitchen facilities – then an Anti-Slip flooring may be required. For many years the options were quite limited to certain vinyl’s that offered the anti-slip properties. NOW, the options are huge. The vinyl’s available are so advanced they not only look aesthetically great.- with the Options of wood and ceramic effects, but are also much easier to maintain.

With the competition between the top carpet tile manufacturers being so high, the new designs of carpet tiles now available are phenomenal. Tiles can be supplied with Company Logo colours or patterns created using different types of tiles. We are more than happy to put together some options for carpet schemes and suggestions of how to introduce different pile types along with different patterns and colours.

Dependant on where the flooring is for, may well mean that a mixture of Wooden Flooring, Vinyl Flooring and Carpet tiles are used. Using our Computer Aided Systems and working hand in hand with the manufactures, we can create a 3D image of the area showing exactly what the finished scheme will look like.

Whether the area is a Reception – the first place that clients will see, or whether a Boardroom area where you will take your top clients, carpet and flooring can make a massive impact. Getting it right is crucial.

Creating Mood in Space

With the huge range of Commercial wall coverings available, the schemes and mixture of looks are endless.
With our Interiors Designers, we love nothing more than pulling together ideas and colours for our clients so that the walls become part of the working environment.

As we are now able to digitally print onto wallpaper, amazing images can be created. These can really create a ‘WOW’ factor, especially in Reception areas or Boardrooms. It is totally up to you, so let your imagination run free. We can also offer ‘Write On’ wallpaper, which again can not only look great, but be a practical solution for a wall which needs a whiteboard on.

All the wallpaper that we offer at Paradigm Office Interiors is for Commercial use. However, there is still the option of Paper backed or Fabric backed. This can make a big difference to the durability of the wallpaper and to the cost. Getting the right type of wallpaper to start with is important.

If the area is a heavily used corridor where people may often touch the walls, we would strongly recommend a fabric backed paper is used. The life expectancy of a fabric backed wallpaper far exceeds that of any paper backed option.
For the majority of offices, a Commercial Paper backed wallpaper is more than adequate.

We offer a full range of wall coverings from single tone to multicolour, panoramic imaging and fully branded with corporate colours and logos etc and our design team will be only too pleased to discuss your requirements and suggest the appropriate wall coverings for your office refurbishment project that will work within the overall design of the workspace.

Our Clients

We have provided our fit out, refurbishment and office furniture services to a wide-range of high-profile clients and continually strive to not only meet their expectations and requirements … but exceed them!