There’s nothing more detrimental to the atmosphere of an office than too much noise and bad acoustics. Too much noise has been proven to reduce productivity and motivation in the workplace, and increase disruption. So, finding ways to offer a better office working environment is essential when it comes to noise reduction and having good acoustics and an important factor to consider when planning an office refurbishment or office fitout.


Deadlines and the politics of the modern office can already be stressful without chaotic amounts of noise adding to the already stressful environment of your busy office. Using acoustic office furniture to minimise the noise pollution in the office, will definitely help with reducing stress, and allow employees to work with a clear mind, free from distraction in those days where there is more pressure on them to perform.


Noise pollution can even have an effect on your posture, due to the disruption that the noise can cause it can inspire laziness, sleepiness and slouching with over time can have an adverse effect on your posture and ultimately risk musculoskeletal disorders.


Motivation and productivity go hand in hand, and can seriously deteriorate when surrounded by unnecessary noise.

Being exposed to disruptive sounds can hinder your ability to concentrate, especially when working on more complicated tasks. You can easily boost the morale and productivity by investing in acoustic office furniture. Not only will this help employees feel more relaxed in their less disruptive working environment, but it will translate a sense of appreciation and care for your employees well-being, which will in turn add value to their working attitude and help with productivity.


If you are in an office that frequently invites in clients and customers for meetings, it is really important that you make a good first impression and welcome them into an atmosphere you can be proud of. A rowdy, chaotic office where everyone is shouting over each other is not going to give off a great impression, using acoustic furniture will help create a more organised, calmer and less intimidating atmosphere to come into.


Unnecessarily loud and disruptive working environments can cause so many health problems in the long term, from muscle damage from bad posture to bad mental health due to stressful atmospheres or headaches and migraines caused by the intense environment where focus can be compromised due to constant disruption. Making sure you supply your employees with acoustic furniture to create a better working environment can drastically reduce sick days caused by the knock on effects of noise pollution in your office.