The modern office is moving away from the plain, cold and chic minimalistic trend and moving in a much healthier direction with biophilic office design.

Biophilic office design is very simply creating an environment that is full of nature and natural light, with plants primarily the focus point of incorporating the design into your office space.

With that being said, many offices have low level lighting, despite natural lighting being available, it can be hard to position plants to get the best exposure, so knowing which plants can thrive in such conditions will be essential to keeping your biophilic office design very much alive.


Palm plants can be a fantastic and interesting option if you have the room for taller plants in your office space. Tall plants are a great option for offices and offer more to your design than you may think. Palm plants and other tall plants can offer a hand in reducing noise pollution in the working environment, and due to their size, they can usually be seen and enjoyed by most people in the office depending on your placement.

Palm plants are a more robust plant and can be quite low maintenance, so if you did forget to feed them for a few days they shouldn’t suffer too much.


Succulents offer so much to your office, coming in all shapes and sizes, as well as being extremely aesthetically pleasing in the modern design. These plants are extremely popular due to their extremely low maintenance, meaning you don’t need to water them every single day and they will still thrive. Cacti for example are known for thriving in unhospitable environments, so your desk should be fine, but they will require a little sunlight, so it’s best to position them in natural light.


A plant that you will see often in offices specialising in biophilic design is fern. Fern needs very little natural light and can thrive quite happily without it, which is ideal for an office with little natural light. However, unlike most of the others we have spoken about, what Fern compromises in lighting, it makes up for in maintenance and will need you to keep them as moist as possible for them to grow and survive.


Spider plants are another easy, low maintenance plant that can thrive in the office environment without causing too much fuss. These plants in particular like to slightly dry out every now and again, so if you’re not consistent with your watering, spider plants are very forgiving on that front, and should easily thrive in low level lighting.

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