Based on information from a report that involved interviewing more than two thousand office based employees in the United Kingdom, it seems that business critical creativity is held back by demotivating and dull workplaces.

Commissioned by an office refurbishment and fit out specialist, the study concluded that employer performance greatly depends on idea generation and most of the workers interviewed said that they cannot leverage their creativity while being at the office.

In fact, almost 2/3 of individuals working in offices, or 59% of them to be precise, said that their organisation largely depends on the development of fresh ideas, while 48% of them claimed that the employer’s competitive position could greatly increase if workers would start sharing ideas.

Half of the workers have wholeheartedly admitted that the company in which they currently work in could be way more profitable if they’d be offered office conditions that allow them to put their creativity to good use. Presently, the majority of UK offices lack social or common areas and as much as 52% of employees are affected by this.

On top of that, 33% of them complain about the fact that they cannot collaborate, while 29%, or nearly 1 in 3 people, cannot come up with new ideas while at work! Working from home seems to be a better solution for some people, with as much as 35% of individuals actually preferring to work in an environment where they feel comfortable, as opposed to their uninspiring offices.

All of this sounds and is very bad for business and while many companies in the UK are looking for ways that could increase productivity, they don’t have the tools needed to improve their employees’ comfort at work and allow them to use 100% of their creativity. Therefore, understanding that a workplace which inspires people is vital for increasing profits, organisations need to quickly take action and provide their employees with such environments right away.

Statistics found that 25% of employees describe their workplace as being silent and sedate, while more than 1/3 (36%) of them find it very demotivating. Even worse, as many as 8% even call their workplace a cultural and creative wasteland.

As the study discovered, there are a lot of UK organisations that just don’t leverage the full potential of their staff which is ready to collaborate and work creatively together.

Approximately 3/4 of people working in offices all across the UK claimed that they have good professional relationships with their colleagues, while 61% of them said that their best ideas arise when engaging in conversation with other work colleagues. On top of that, more than 27% of office workers said their creativity sky rockets when they engage in informal conversations with other people in the office.

40% actually think that better quality social spaces and common areas would make people become more creative and collaborate more. Even more, 52% of them claimed that this change would also improve team spirit.

It seems that the creative state of UK office workers is currently unfit for improving productivity and that is why organisations need to take swift measures in order to fix this. By providing their staff with a more comfortable office space and taking measures to improve collaboration and creativity, they’ll easily be able to see an increase in employee collaboration and therefore, productivity.