Buying or renting new office space can be a daunting venture, especially in big cities, as there is so much on offer these days. Knowing what you should be looking for in an office can depend on your budget and completely depend on the needs of you business, but there are some basics you should be looking for in a good office to rent or buy.


Having a good understanding of the amount of space you will need for your business will help to narrow down potential premises that may be suitable for your business. Something you may also want to consider is the potential for expansion of your business office as demand increases and employee numbers increase with potential success. Finding a space that offers the opportunity to expand can be gold dust, and should be something heavily considered when exploring your options.


Natural light is an absolute must-have for any office big or small. You will find that the ‘cheap as chips’ offices on offer often lack natural lighting and with good reason. Natural lighting offers so many benefits and has been proven to encourage boosts in productivity, consistency and moods amongst employees, whereas research has shown that in certain circumstances artificial lighting can cause headaches and low mood. Finding an office that has as much natural lighting as possible can be one of the keys to success for your business and in terms of employee retention too!


Making sure the office has ample surroundings for employees and clients alike can be an important element when choosing your office space. Are there places for employees to grab lunch? Is the area safe, or are you likely to have to tighten up security measures? All things to be carefully considered.


Similar to surroundings, does your office block have facilities in-house or are they all external? Is there an area in the office where employees can make tea and coffee? Although this could be considered a bonus for any office, it really does make people’s lives easier when they have facilities within their workplace and saves a lot of time wasting along with giving employees somewhere to meet other staff and discuss work and exchange ideas and, not least, feel more a part of a whole business ‘family’.


Do you want an office that’s slap bang in the middle of a busy city or something a little quieter? Obviously, this will be completely budget dependant, as you will find the city offices to be much more expensive than those located in a little town or the outskirts of a big city. Location can provide so much attraction to your business, including ease of access for employees and customers, and a likelihood to offer more in the way of facilities and attractive surroundings based in a city centre.

Whatever you’re looking for, knowing the basics and your budget will help in your search for the right office. The office you choose can be a key element in the success of your business.Choosing the right office will contribute to so many factors for your business including recruitment and retention, so it really is one of the most important business decisions you can make.