The interior design of our office space has become more and more important in the last decade. No longer is a computer, wall partition and telephone sufficient in the workplace and more businesses are taking notice of the impact that a more comfortable, flexible and brighter environment can have on the well-being and mood of employees.

Being in a comfortable and well-designed office space is proven to increase productivity and focus on employees. The workplace has had an increasingly negative stigma over the last decade and with this, in mind, there is a huge demand for forward thinking and innovative office design to encourage a more pleasant working environment.

So, what are the top office design trends for 2018?


BIOPHILIC – The most popular design trend we are seeing in 2018 is the Biophilic design, or better described as the leafier and greener, the better! The idea in mind is to bring the outdoors in, which has been proven by psychologists to promote productivity, positivity and optimum creativity in employees. You can be as subtle or extravagant as you want with this design idea from simply adding greenery to going all out creating an urban jungle in your workplace.


UP TO DATE TECHNOLOGY – Having the latest technology in the office is a really simple way to increase a positivity mentality in the workplace. In the age of the millennials, having technology savvy working environments are a must if you want to engage and encourage creativity from your employees. Smartboards are just one piece of modern office technology where co-workers can easily collaborate, and laptops are being favoured over desktop towers to encourage flexibility and to minimise the need for personal space encouraging the minimalist vibe to flow throughout the office.


HOME COMFORTS – Another really popular design trend comes from the idea that we are our most comfortable at home. Interior design experts are incorporating home comforts into the recreational zones of our office spaces. From hammocks to a games room, there is no home furnishing too big or small in 2018.


OPEN PLAN – Forget wall partitions and closed-door offices, the 2018 office is all about open-plan spaces. The open plan design is favoured to encourage transparency, social interaction and shared creativity in the office. Using only changes in carpet, wall design, textures and or dividers of different heights to promote an understanding of the different areas of the offices based on their purposes. Additionally, an open plan feel can be achieved using glass partitioning whilst retaining elements of privacy and sound-proofing.


For 2018 it looks like the office of the future is greener, more comfortable and encouraging a more open working environment. The themes all seem to encourage a more collaborative working environment boosting social creativity. The future is free moving, flexible with the desire to achieve a space that allows work, home and social to blend into one space. With all this design change and focus on positive mental well-being, we expect to see the negative stigma to fade out in 2018 and for a positive working attitude to thrive.