The thought of an office relocation can be a daunting one, however in reality it can be a positive experience and a completely necessary move to make in the best interests of your business and employees. The decision will take a great deal of thought and cause a level of disruption but with excellent planning it could be a great experience for you and your team. But, when is the right time to make the move?

If Your Lease Is About To Expire

For many companies they make the move simply because the lease is expiring and it’s an excuse to find a new location to continue to grow the business. If your lease is about to run out in the next 12 months, it could be a great time to start seeing what you’re working with in terms of budget, size and location attractions in a new office space. 12 months ahead might seem soon, but moving to a new office will be a very long and thorough process, which means getting ahead and finding your perfect spot should be done as soon as possible to avoid delay or complications nearer the time.

Your Office Is Running Out Of Space

One of the main reasons that businesses move is because of a lack of space due to business growth. If your business is running out of space to fit the number of employees you have working in the office or your storage space is overflowing it would be a good time to consider relocating to suit the needs of your businesses continuing growth. There may have been features in your current office that were lacking, like a meeting room or private office space that are needed for confidentiality. You will need to conduct an outlook of your current office and define what is needed to provide the team with a less crowded working environment, and assess the needs that your current office is lacking to ensure you find a space that is perfect for the future growth of your business.

The Location Isn’t Right For Your Business

It is vital that the location of your office is right for your team, and if it is not a convenient area to have your office in, it maybe time to consider a move. Location is everything these days and ensuring you provide an office space that is inclusive and considerate to provide your current and future employees with the best working environment is essential for attracting the right talent and keeping them. Being considerate of access from public transport, and their ability to access amenities around the office will help with making the office a better working environment for new and existing employees.

A Fresh Start Is Needed

Moving office can be an exciting time for your business and your employees, and sometimes the only excuse you need is for a fresh start. Often if you are wanting to refit or refurbish your office, the best thing you can do is move offices whilst your at it and find the perfect office to fit your needs and the best office future for the business. Change can be refreshing and can be a great way to re-motivate and show the employees that the company is developing to meet demand, and to suit their working needs.