Glass has often been overlooked in the past for what it can bring to office design, but more and more office designers are opting for glass in their design plans, and the material is becoming more popular in modern offices all over the world. As the advancements of glass manufacturing continue to develop, there are so many options and ways to use glass in your office interiors and many ways to optimise aesthetics and functionality of your office space with glass.

Glazed partitioning partitions, skylight windows and glass walls have become commonplace in the modern office and the use of glass has been championed with the studies in Biophilia and how optimising natural light and surroundings can benefit employees with productivity and quality of work.

Allowing that continuity with the outside world using large windows or even glass exterior walls is something that is continuing to thrive in the development of office design for some of the biggest companies in the world.

Using glass as much as possible allows not only the continuity with the outside world, but is said to extend the space given due to the way light can travel though glass walls, large windows and doors.

So, what are the benefits of using glass in your office design?


One of the reasons why glass is so popular, is because of the way it increases natural light throughout the office. Natural light has been proven in so many studies to be highly beneficial to employees and the general atmosphere of the office. It has been proven to boost wellbeing, productivity and motivation which are all really important to have a high functioning team of employees.


One of the best attributes glass can bring to your office, is the illusion of more space by creating an open design. You can achieve this throughout your office, with both glass interior and exterior walls, glass doors, glass partitioning and even including glass in your stairwells.

This is perfect for smaller offices that can feel cramped, using glass can extend the space, and offer continuity throughout the office, to allow for a more open design that creates the illusion of a bigger working environment.


Glass is so versatile and there are endless options with the development of glass manufacturing and the availability of glass is always there. Glass works well in any environment and fits seamlessly in any office design you may have planned, as well as fitting into your budget too, there are so many ways to incorporate and personalise glass to suit the demand and needs of your working environment.

If you are looking to put together an office redesign or refurbishment, Paradigm Office Interiors can help you achieve this to a high standard. From planning to office furnishings, we have years of experience in building office designs that work.