Every business is different – All the more reason to make your office interior unique as well. Why not bring your office walls alive with a custom wall covering.

Technology has made it possible to digitally print any image onto wallpaper. Thousand of images can be created. These new types of wall coverings can be customised to really create a ‘wow’ factor, especially in reception areas or boardrooms. It is totally up to you, so let your imagination run free.

Countless images can be customised with logos and text. Is there a wall that needs to retire an old painting or outdated image? Has your company’s slogan changed recently? Place that slogan on a wall or hallway where it can be seen daily for cohesive brand recognition.


Cover Office Walls with a Story

Imagine a company’s story visually portrayed as a timeline. Significant dates of product launches or partnerships can be showcased with the use of colours and images that represent the moment of time.

Does your company have a long and inspired history? Tell that story with a wall mural. This story can bring a sense of pride to employees and inspire your clients.


A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

Offices that reside near popular landmarks can use this to their advantage. Companies that inhabit buildings near notable skyscrapers, tourist attractions or historical places can find vintage images or create modern murals of that area.


Do Write on the Office Walls

Think about a ‘write on’ wallpaper which looks great and can also be a practical solution for a wall that needs a whiteboard (which are a bit last millennium if we say so ourselves).


Cover Office Walls with Subtle Messages

Communicating a company’s mission using traditional words and images can be boring. Try something modern such as choosing a few keywords that represent the company’s industry or mission. Showcase these words on an office wall covering in a reception area with branded colours and fonts.

Words can also be used in each department of an office that describes the work or an attitude that is most associated with that department. A conference room can display words that inspire or encourage employees to think creatively, listen with an open mind and dream big.

Changing an office environment can have an incredibly positive affect on its employees’ attitude and productivity. Using modern techniques on office wall coverings to communicate a message or inspire thoughts can even positively affect the customers opinions about that company.