They have been used for years and could be the answer to your situation. Office partitions can give an uninspiring office space a modern touch and improve employee’s productivity and morale.


Benefits of Office Partitions

Partitions are more cost effective compared to building permanent walls.

If your company has changes coming down the road, office partitions provide a temporary solution that doesn’t seem temporary.

Provide privacy for employees so they feel more confident and comfortable have phone conversations with clients or small meetings that won’t disrupt other employees.

Whether the reason is noise reduction, privacy, or updating the office environment, partitions are a highly functional solution for your office or factory space.

Partitions are modern and efficient option for creating new floor plans and adding decorative features to any environment.


Types of Office Partitions


Silicon Glaze Partitioning

These clear and frameless partitions can provide the “wow” factor so many people like. These seamless walls provide numerous opportunities for graphics and patterns to be displayed. Spaces can be split up into any configuration yet still provide the effect of an open floor plan.


Stud Partitioning

These partitions provide a bit more structure than the silicon glaze configuration as they are a demountable galvanised framed system. However, they can still provide lots of flexibility and open air ambience. The are many design options ranging from all glass modules to half glazed and full glazed modules.


Demountable Partitioning

These partitions are the most popular because of the flexibility of the application. These panels are fully modified on-site which provides ease-of-use if working with complex office floor layouts. These partitions can be relocated easily and with different elevation choices.


Steel Partitioning

These partitions are best suited for factories or warehouses. There are 2 options – Single skin or double skin. If decibel ratings or fire ratings are required, we recommend the double skin option. Both the single skin and double skin configurations are able to incorporate glass or mesh panels and a variety of elevations.



At Paradigm, we ask a number of questions to determine your needs, listen to what you want, and make sure fire or decibel ratings are met. The most important result is your satisfaction with your new office or factory floor layout.