With over 70 million work days being lost to mental health every year, it is important for employers to take responsibility for creating a work space that is a happy and healthy place for employees to work in.

The rise in mental health issues affecting office workers has been steep in the last decade with three in five employees having experienced mental health issues in the workplace. 

Making even small changes can have a significant positive effect on your employees mental wellbeing. When a workforce feels valued and surrounded by a positive atmosphere, productivity improves and your business will thrive. We are looking at ways you can improve the mental wellbeing in the office. 


Analysing how you can work smarter has so many different options that can promote positive wellbeing. Looking at the layout of your office is a great place to start. Creating a more open space for individuals to work in, looking at how you can optimise desk space to make sure employees aren’t cramped together. Minimising the size of teams and using technology to reduce process times and create more efficient ways to get the job done all contribute to promoting positive vibes in the office.


Being constantly distracted by office noise can be extremely frustrating when your employees are trying to get their job done. Noise is an unwanted distraction that also happens to be the most complained about irritation in the workplace. You can reduce noise pollution by using your office space to implement quieter zones. Using open and closed designs in equal measure, through the implementation of office partitioning, and removing general purpose telephones from open plan areas of the office are both great ways to keep the noise down and promote productivity.


Office interior designers are influenced by the ‘biophilic’ design which see’s the outdoors coming inside. Designing your office to expose your workers to natural light is said to improve productivity by 11% which we think is fantastic! Natural light is free and it promotes positivity; utilise your office’s windows to improve wellbeing. 


Encouraging a work balance that doesn’t involve piling a million multitasks on your employees is said to improve wellbeing. Encourage single tasking where your employees can focus on one thing at a time and balance their work load, to reduce stress and distraction that can be caused by multitasking. 


Boardroom meetings sat around a desk are seen as uninspiring – the opposite to the atmosphere of discussion and creative thinking they are set to promote. Walking meetings are an increasingly popular trend that are designed to kick-start productivity and encourage more thought flow. Your office employees will spend on average 8 hours a day sat at a desk, which has been shown be research to have a detrimental affect on both the physical and mental well-being of staff. However, a walking meeting allows your employees to stretch their muscles and not only can exercise offer a possible fresh perspective, but it also releases good endorphins into the brain, which is a positive for their mental well-being. 

Adapting your workplace to encourage a positive well-being in your employees is essential if you want a low staff turnover and a happy, dedicated workforce. Understanding the benefits of positive mentalities in the workplace could be the boost your business needs.