It’s all well and good having an office that is beautiful to look at, but the noise levels are awful, with everybody talking over each other to be heard. Open plan offices are a common and popular design feature utilised by many businesses and the most common approach for office refurbishment/fitout works, but making sure that you don’t create a space set up for chaos is essential, and high levels of noise will spark a very chaotic atmosphere, which reduces focus, productivity and quality of work.

So, how can you reduce the noise in your open plan office? 

Noise Friendly Flooring

You may not think too much of it, but your flooring in your workplace can make a huge impact on the noise levels. Hard flooring surfaces can look great but cause irritation at the noise created when many people are bustling around the office day in, day out.

There are many flooring companies that offer noise reducing flooring solutions, with hard wearing carpet being favoured in high traffic areas of the workplace too which has considerable acoustic properties.

Dedicated Quiet Spaces

Creating dedicated quiet spaces will cater for those who struggle to focus in loud environments, and just gives your employees a different option for their working day. Quiet areas can be created very easily these days with easy to put together partitioning walls if you don’t already rooms off of the office that you can transform into quiet spaces.

You can create quiet spaces in your boardroom and break areas if you are struggling for space in your office. When these areas are not being used for their common purposes, they can double up as a dedicated area for silent working.

Cubicles & Partitions

Due to Coronavirus, cubicles and partitions have been more popular than ever, and as well as creating a covid safe environment for your employees, these fittings reduce noise levels significantly, even to the point of sound proofing an entire section of your office. You can get partitions and cubicles made in many materials, shapes and sizes, with the most popular choice being glass, as they still keep you integrated into the office but provide that barrier that will provide an element of privacy and less noise.

Plants, Plants, Plants…

A very under rated and unknown way to reduce noise levels in the office, is by using lots and lots of plants, the bigger, the better. Well placed plants have been proven to reduce office noise pollution time and time again. Plants offer numerous benefits, not only tackle noise in the office, but providing better air quality too.