High amounts of sick days amongst your employees can be much more than just a cold spreading around the office. The way your office is designed can also have an adverse effect on the conditions of your employees health. There is no secrets or tricks to getting ‘workplace wellbeing right, but the right office design can boost wellbeing and ultimately the health of your employees with some very simple changes.

There are many straightforward studies that ultimately found that offices with particular design choices saw a lower rate in sick days and increases in wellbeing, productivity and morale in the office.

Exposing natural light

Making sure that your employees are exposed to as much natural light as possible is one of the easiest yet most effective ways to improve employee attendance and reducing sick days in the office.

There are many ways to achieve this by simply have window facing desks, and making sure you utilise as much light as you can versus using heavy duty lighting that cause headaches and fatigue.

Go ergonomic

Office furniture has come on leaps and bounds when it comes to providing the right comfort and creating the posture needed to maintain good health while spending prolonged amount at our desks. Ergonomic furniture is a great investment when you consider the amount of sick days occur due to joint and back pain.

Get some fresh air

Fresh air is a great addition to any office, and can help to improve and maintain good health in employees too. A well ventilated office will prevent headaches, brain fog and a lack of motivation, instead inspiring creativity and keeping your employees alert throughout their working day.

Get them moving around the office

Focusing on getting your employees moving around the office can make a big impact in the reduction of sick days. You should be encouraging your employees to take a walk every hour that they work, with a minimum of 250 steps completed, to really benefit from better productivity and overall health in the workplace. You could set challenges for the whole office to hit certain targets and step counts to get the team motivated.

Add some greenery into the decor

There are numerous studies that suggest that working in an environment where plants and flowers are present can really have a positive effect on employee health and wellbeing. Not only do they make the office more visually appealing, they can help eliminate pollutants in the air, and provide an improvement to the fresh air in your office.

Reducing sick days and providing a safe and clean environment for your employees should be a high priority, especially in the tail end of a global pandemic is essential and will help your business return to normality.