The reception area of your office or commercial premises is the very first impression your clients and customers get when they visit your building, so as always it’s important to leave a good first impression. There are some crucial elements that your reception area needs to provide, some are more obvious than others.

As visual beings, we attach expectations mentally to what we see visually, which is why it becomes so important to understand the impression design can leave. In this post we will be exploring how design and furniture plays a huge importance in giving the right impression to give to customers and clients.



First and foremost, the cleanliness of your reception area is one of the most noticeable attributes. Using furniture that is easy to keep clean and has multi functions for hidden storage is ideal. Use of filing systems and in trays will ensure your main desk is clear and organised. 



Minimalism is everything when it comes to reception area etiquette, keep theme colours earthy and natural for versatility, these types of colours will blend well with soft furnishings that may have print details etc. A customer and clients experience in the area should be relaxing and calm, steer clear of overwhelming bright colours, make it modern but not futuristic to the point that it looks like you’ve stepped inside a space shuttle. Have the reception desk facing the entrance to give that instant welcome and reassurance. 



Your customer or client should feel comfortable during their time spent in the reception area. Opt for cushions and soft furnishing over hard, plastic chairs and offer durability as well as being aesthetically pleasing.  You could also offer a place for people to take off their coats or put umbrellas, to add a more welcoming touch. Opt for stain and wear resistant materials, or leather if your budget suits and go for laminate wood over metal fixtures and furniture, as wood offers a warmer atmosphere. 



Offer your customer or client refreshments by dotting them around the room. A simple coffee machine and a water tank would be enough to offer people a choice and again, feel more comfortable in their surroundings. Refreshments and reading materials offer something to your customers and clients that shows you appreciate that they are waiting. 



Use your reception area as a focal point to advertise your business and brand. Have material available for your clients and customers, maybe a newsletter or magazine available or you could have a television with a slideshow displaying current business news. Use brand logos around the reception area to assure your customers and clients that they are in the right place. 


There are so many ways to layout and design your reception area to ensure you are offering the desired impression you want to give to people when they enter your building. Paradigm Office Interiors can assist you with the right reception area furniture that will give a great first impression.