Your small office space should not get you down. You can maximize your office layout in the following easy and effective ways and empower you and your team members to do the best job you can possibly do.

Reduce reliance on paper When you rely less on paper, you will not require filing cabinets and other storage equipment. This in return will reduce costs for filing cabinets and shelving. You will also have free onsite space for other purposes.

Get rid of clutter Clutter can take a toll on you mentally as well as slow you down. Remove anything that you don’t need from the office area. Getting rid of clutter will change the energy in your workplace. Your space will feel lighter and you will be able to find what you need faster thus saving time and improving productivity. You will also find more time to relax.

Go for small furniture Get a small workstation with some cabinets, shelves or drawers. Everything you need will be within reach. You might also consider collapsible furniture.

Consider lighting General lighting can brighten and shift the appearance of your small space. Use a small LED desk lamp for overhead down lighting.

Have stand-up meetings Stand-up meetings are ideal for a small space since more people can occupy the space in a single meeting. They are short, save time and get everyone back to work quickly. You can have your meetings in a central location such as a common area.

Strategic desk placement Choose the best desk placement layout that utilizes the available space. In open office spaces, you can place dividers between the desks in order to improve privacy.

Maximizing your small office space will give you the ability to do distraction-free work. You can also easily find your team, have impromptu interactions and have good places for breaks.