When redesigning your office, more than making it aesthetically pleasing should be on your mind. Business owners shouldn’t be just adopting the latest design trends for the sake of it either, there’s more to office design than looking modern, appearance isn’t everything.

Purposeful office design can be the key to an increase in happiness, productivity and motivation from your employees if it is done right. A well functioning office, with purpose and thought put into the design is essential for getting the right layout for your office, and increasing positivity in the workplace.

Your employees need a space that meets the needs of the business so that they can work smarter, and meets their needs to. It is important to incorporate your employees opinions and suggestions into your design and plans for the office, after all it will be those that are using the office, and those that will benefit from their needs being met.

Employees can tell you what is and isn’t working already in the office, which can be an invaluable asset to your design plans, knowing where to invest and what parts of the office don’t need too much attention. Consulting your employees is an essential part of producing a purposeful design for your business, and will ensure you get it right the first time.

So what are the benefits of purposeful office design?

Increasing employee happiness and retention rates: As touched on above, a purposeful design will increase employee happiness because you prioritise the needs of your employees over aesthetics. Happy employees don’t leave their jobs and you are more likely to retain good employees when you pay attention to their needs.

Working smarter, not harder: Your employees already work hard as it is, why would you want to make their job harder? Purposeful office design allows your employees to work smarter, not harder, as the design will be purpose built to ensure your employees are getting the most out of the equipment and facilities around them.

Facilitates collaboration, teamwork and social interaction: It is a very common misconception that having a team of employees that play together will have a negative impact on their work rate. If anything a team that get on well thrive and work more efficiently as a result of their bonding. Purposeful office design can help to form these bonds as well as facilitating collaboration and teamwork. Striking the right balance between comfort and professionalism for your employees is the key to success.

Offers flexible working environments: To design a purposeful office is to understand that not everybody works well in the same way, and productivity comes in many forms and increases dependant on the needs of every individual. It is important to provide flexible working facilities for your employees, that will fit well into the office. Sit to stand desks are a great flexible furniture option that can be adjusted to the needs of your employee.

If you are interested in creating a purposefully designed office for your business, Paradigm Office Interiors can help with finding the right furniture and the right design to suit your employees needs.