The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic is said to be taking hold of the UK at a similar level to the first in a matter of days and weeks. Whilst,the Government have encouraged working from home as a preventative measure – along with the tightening of restrictions in areas such as Birmingham and the North East, it isn’t expect for them to return to the full restrictions that were in place earlier in the year with regard to working in a communal office.

If your office remains open to employees during the second wave, there are measures you should already be taking to ensure that employees are safe at all times, which can be achieved by general in house health and safety measures, and via the use of office furniture solutions that have been developed for the COVID-19 pandemic.


If you’re planning for your office to remain open during the pandemic’s second rise, you will need to invest in furniture that promotes safe working and social distancing throughout. The potential viral spread can be significantly lessened and ensuring you provide a safe working environment for your employees will prevent your business from being closed down due to an internal spread of the virus, but will also ease the anxieties and worries of employees who fear for their health during the pandemic.

There are many options you can choose from when it comes to obtaining COVID-19 safety equipment for in and around the office, from signage to screens, there is no limit to the measures you can take in the office to make it a safe working environment for your employees. For more details, please see our special feature on COVID-19 and the modern office space HERE »


Maintaining a healthy office environment is heavily dependent on the air quality and ventilation, and should be prioritised during the expected second wave. Making sure the office is ventilated properly and the air quality is high, will stop the spread and encourage a safer working environment for your employees.


Providing opportunities for hygiene to be optimised and taken advantage of in and around the office is essential for restricting the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Offering employees hand sanitisers at work stations, along with entrances to offices and buildings, and making sure that employees are repeatedly reminded and prompted to wash hands at many opportunities over the course of their working day via the use of signage are useful processes to put in place.


Staggering shift and rotating staff to limit the contact that employees have with each other is a wise precaution to take for those offices that will stay open during the second wave. Making your office as safe as possible by working out a plan of action where those who can work successfully from home can do so, and those who are needed in the office are physically in attendance when contact can be limited between them.


Regular cleaning is imperative and should be carried out during regular intervals over the day. Making sure you are stocked up on anti bacterial products and follow the guidelines set out for cleaning procedures in the workplace is essential to curb the spread of the coronavirus during this second wave. Minimising the amount of clutter and prioritising a well organised office that is easy to clean, will make employees life much easier in the workplace.