Businesses may feel limited to what they can achieve when considering refurbishment in a smaller office space, but the reality is that there are so many ways to create a better working environment even in the smallest of spaces.

We are sharing some of the small changes you can make that will still make a huge difference to your office design in your smaller space.

Upgrade ergonomics

If you’re considering refurbishment in your smaller office space, one of the best ways to get started is by upgrading the furniture you already have and adding more quality to your working environment to boost motivation, productivity and comfort for your employees.

Switching to high quality ergonomic furniture should be one of your biggest investments when planning your budget for refurbishments, height-adjustable chairs, desks, laptop stands and footrests are all great ways to upgrade ergonomics in your smaller office space and there are so many different options you can take advantage of, including ergonomic space-saving furniture.

Smarter storage solutions

Being clever with your office storage solutions will definitely save you space and create a more organised environment, especially in smaller offices where it can become cluttered easily.

Being creative with your storage solutions will benefit your office space, make use of shelf space or create shelf space in areas of your office that can accommodate, and using online storage platforms to develop a more paperless system for your business will help you keep clutter at bay.

Boost ventilation

Smaller offices can easily become stuffy and in turn, uncomfortable, so boosting ventilation should be a top priority when you’re planning a refurbishment in your smaller office space.

There are so many ways to achieve better ventilation, you can adopt a more biophilic environment by adding greenery and plants, doing so will rid the office of toxins or if you have window space, allowing as much natural light and fresh air into your smaller space will work wonders for boosting ventilation.

Create a space you want to work in

Ultimately there is no one size fits all when it comes to renovating and designing an office space that works for you, no matter the size, so creating a space you really love to work in is the goal every business wants to achieve.

Creating a space where you feel motivated and inspired is the most important thing to think about, and knowing what will work for you is essential when you are investing money into your office design, so establishing the needs and demands you must meet to develop an office space you really want to work in should be your first move before you spend any money.

When it comes to getting the very best out of your office space, Paradigm Office Interiors are experts in developing and executing design that not only looks good but offers a better working experience for your business.