A company can benefit from a whole range of improvements from an office refurbishment. When you’re working in an uninspiring and dull environment, it can lead to lower levels of creativity. All that’s needed to solve that issue is a highly presentable and well laid out office.

An attractive workplace is going to effect a number of different characteristics within the workforce. The main aim is to boost inspiration, motivation, contentedness and general happiness. Employees use up much of their time at work, surrounded by the environment that’s provided by their employer. To ensure that you’re maintaining the highest levels of productivity at all times, it’s perfectly logical to make the working environment as pleasing as possible.

Another important benefit of a well laid out, smart office, is that you’re going to be giving off the best impression you possibly can to any clients that happen to visiting. And that alone can lead to more sales and an increase in repeat business. Keeping decorations, furniture and everything else clean and polished is going to better your clients’ confidence and image of your entire business’ services and products. Refurbishing an office can flip an unproductive, unappealing workplace around in no time at all.

Improvements to office partitioning and layouts are also an option during a refurbishment, with the capability of making some drastic changes to productivity within the office. Take the example of noise pollution, a problem that causes lower worker concentration that’s able to be solved with the use of partitioning, leading to a workforce that’s much more productive. Resentment and frustration are just 2 negative effects from not solving an issue such as this, and that’s something that no successful business wants. This can be prevented from happening by simply lowering rate that noise travels throughout a given premises. After it’s been solved, a happier and more productive workforce is going to arise. They’ll be able to focus on their tasks without so many distractions, increasing their output as well.

Crucial Aspects Your Office Refurbishment Must Consider

Office Furniture

office-furniture-1Having comfortable and stylish office furniture’s going to greatly enhance every first impression that you’re giving off to current or future clients. It’s also quite capable of improving worker performance and productivity.




office-colour-2Colour schemes and their effectiveness should not be seen as irrelevant. It’s been proven time and time again that colourful, bright working environments result in higher performance and morale among staff. This is something that’s usually taken particular care over in sales and creative arenas.

Financial advisors, solicitors and accountants are more likely to opt for more soothing colours. Seeing as these businesses are “fact based”, they’ve got to maintain the straight mindset that’s encouraged by conservative colours like subtle green, white, beige or cream.

No matter what colour scheme you opt for within your office interior, artworks are a great option to fill up boring wall spaces.


office-lighting-3Natural light and its availability within the office is a vital aspect for consideration by any employer. Surveys and studies have continually demonstrated how natural light’s highly beneficial for the productivity and morale of staff. It’s because of this, that glazed partitioning’s recommended to be utilized wherever it’s possible to install. This will allow natural light to flow properly throughout the office environment.

For locations where it’s unavoidable to use an electric light, perhaps in an office that’s windowless, it’s a good idea to avoid fluorescent lighting, seeing it’s rather harsh. Instead of that, make use of single desk lamps and pendant or track lighting. Any reputable office refurbishment company’s expected to be able to supply these.

Suspended Ceilings

suspended-ceilings-4Any work space is going benefit hugely from the reduction of wasted overhead space. It’s an incredibly cost effective solution that’s going to save plenty of money on future fuel bills. You can make significant savings on lighting and heating by minimizing the volume of each room you’re working with.
The installation of a suspended ceiling’s also able to hide ugly duct work, pipes or wires, while the simple disassembly allows for ease of maintenance when it’s needed.

Space Planning

space-planning-5A key aspect of office partitioning, detailed space planning’s going to take into account each department’s roles, co-dependence, movements and functions. Then, a plan’s drawn up that utilizes every inch of space to its full potential. This ensures that you’re operating your office space at full efficiency, in a productive and cost effective manner.

It’s possible that you’re in dire need of some space for secondary or primary work areas, for breakout areas, special projects, meeting spaces and other uses. Every one of these can be taken care of, providing that effective space planning’s been put into place.

Office Partitioning

glass-partitions-6This is an excellent solution to divide space and create privacy inside an open plan office environment. You can choose to extend the partitioning above half, all the way to the full room’s height, practically creating a room that’s separated inside the open floor plan.

You’ll find that this application’s incredibly beneficial for use in the segregation of entire departments. Glazed partitioning can be particularly useful in such scenarios, seeing as it effectively divides a department, although it’s without the need to make employees feel as if they’re isolated. A glazed partition’s also great for improving the natural light’s flow within a building, something that’s especially important for the well being and health of any employees.

When office partitioning’s being installed, attention must be paid to where computer cabling and telephone wires lie and if full height partitioning’s going to be put in place, then it’s important to consider interdepartmental communications limitations.
To offer an improvement to privacy, it’s possible to fit window blinds in a host of different colours and styles. There’s a huge range of choices available from different companies and you can even have your own logos, corporate colours and designs printed on, which is a fantastic way to reinforce the importance of your corporate message.

If you’d like glass partitioning, it’s available in frosted and clear glass options and it’s also available with double glazing for improving soundproofing. A double-glazed partition will also come with the option of including a window blind for protection from sunlight and improved privacy.