Can you believe it’s almost the end of the year? You may well be thinking about the company goals from the beginning of this year that haven’t been achieved yet but what about your work-space?

Perhaps an item sitting on your To Do list is to order new office furniture to replace the broken and worn out pieces that people have been complaining about all year.

Or maybe it’s to remodel an outdated conference room because its become embarrassing entertaining potential clients in a room with wall coverings your grandmother might have in her house! Even drab, shabby looking rooms can be a turn off to potential business.

Ok, maybe things aren’t that bad, but it may well be true that employees aren’t inspired by the office decor.

Uplift your office staff and increase productivity by incorporating one of these office trends.


What the Cool Offices are Doing

Office spaces such as those seen at Google headquarters and the offices of Instagram are inspiring. Here is a short list of some office space trends for 2017.


Built-in Technology in Office Furniture

Wireless charging stations built into office furniture will soon become as common as an office water cooler or electric tea pot. Power cords for mobile devices are so last millennium. Not only is this trend practical, it also solves the bird’s nest of cords that accumulate around desks and tables.


Flexible Office Layouts

Flexible and mobile seems to be the name of the game with office spaces today. The next evolution of office space is having open or partitioned areas instead of solid walls and doors, as well as more ‘cosy’ areas to work, even sofas and beanbags in some offices. Employees can get up and move around to work in different areas.

With fully charged wireless devices, people can walk to collaborate with other teams and departments within the company.


Future-forward Office Design

Wireless devices and open office spaces are creating the basis for the future office design.

People who are mobile want a place to meet and set-up a “pop-up” workspace for collaborating with different people and different projects. Enter the design trend of modular office furniture such as seating, tables, and walls with flat screens. Hasn’t this been done before, you ask? Probably, but now the office scene understands how to use it to the highest potential.

High desks have a secret power, some may call it a super power. Meetings that occur when people are standing are shorter and more productive. Gasp! Spread the news! And, bonus, standing encourages people to change their posture, which is healthier than sitting for the majority of the day.


Quality of Life Office Design

Let’s explore this high desk a bit more. The standing desk, also called a sit-stand desk, allows people to use the same desk space and simply change physical positions from sitting to standing. Since “sitting” has been calling the new “smoking”, chiropractors are also supportive of this trend to encourage a healthier lifestyle for office workers. There are even treadmill desks! They aren’t as popular, surprised? Didn’t think so.

Other trends that are gaining in popularity are starting work later in the morning and shorter work weeks. Sweden has just taken a big step forward in this area by proposing a 4 day work week.


Nature and Nurture

Getting back to nature is nothing new, but with doing it in the office place is. This trend called “living walls” has office walls becoming a giant planter for all sorts of green leaf plants that can soften a hard office space and add oxygen to the air as well. Nature really does nurture the body, mind, and soul.

Another benefit of having plants in the workplace, lunch! Imagine a wall of lettuce and spinach available for eating! Pretty silly, but don’t be surprised if they start sprouting up in offices across the country. Pun intended.

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