The office floor is the most used part of any office building worldwide yet few people take time to consider the materials under foot … even some designers can overlook the types of flooring!

It is important to make an informed decision on your office flooring as not doing so can bring about tragic results. For instance in one older building with wood flooring moisture would seep into the building during heavy rain damaging the wood flooring. The flooring installed was inappropriate for the building and its environment.


Factors to Consider

Your office flooring is a long term decision that should last for as long as your office building still stands, so before you install it take your time to consider:


Get the Right Flooring for the Function of Your Space

Not all rooms within your environment share the same function. For instance you would not use a carpeted floor in your bathrooms and you would probably go for an easy to wipe and clean flooring for your cafeteria.


Appropriate Flooring for Traffic Levels in Your Office

How many people are going to be walking down this particular route? Airports, hospitals, universities and busy offices may go for marble or granite flooring that can withstand constant high traffic. The more people that walk around this area the more wear and tear a floor can experience.

You don’t want to have to replace the flooring in a few years time as this aspect was not adequately planned for.


Ease of maintenance for Your Flooring

How long will it take to repair the floor?

This is crucial as it can leave an entire section of a building inaccessible for a long time which can hurt your work flow. At Paradigm we always minimise the time spent replacing flooring as we understand that your business doesn’t stop!

Also the cost of labour to keep certain more affordable flooring covers maintained throughout the years could surpass the initial installation of a higher priced option that has a higher life expectancy.


Rated Service Life

An industry source rated the life expectancy of vinyl flooring at 10 – 15 years and that of a carpet to 5 – 20 years. The life expectancy of course varies depending on levels of use, maintenance or cleaning.

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