It can be often overlooked just how powerful your office design can be beyond the right branding. It can have a very real effect on your employees and those that work in and around your office. Whether it’s leaving a positive first impression or encouraging employees to work harder, there are many different ways your office design can enhance the experience of everybody who enters your office.

Workplace stress is one of the most common cause of under performing in the workplace, and can be seriously detrimental to your employees long term. There are obviously some huge factors that cause workplace stress that are more obvious to spot like deadlines, big workloads and management styles, however office design can also play a big part in causing these issues or making the working environment harder to be in.

Taking some time to think about how you can inspire better working practice through office design can be extremely beneficial for your employees, and happy employees equal better performance and focus long term.

Standing Tables & Desks

There has been a lot of evidence to support the positive effects that standing tables and desks can have in the workplace to reduce stress and promote productivity. Standing desks can inspire a more active workplace, and there is a direct link between exercise and boosting good health and wellbeing, which should be a priority for businesses to offer for their employees.


Creating enclosed spaces that employees can go to, to focus on their work is essential for reducing workplace stress. It is important to understand and recognise that we all thrive in different working environments; it depends on the employee whether they work better in a team or work better solo without the distraction of the hustle and bustle of working in an office. Respecting and facilitating your employees needs to perform better and deliver better work is essential, you can do this by adding variety in the types of working conditions that your employees can work within.

Partitioning is a great way to give those who need to work in a more enclosed space more privacy and freedom to focus away from team working at times. This can take the form of creating completely isolated ‘booths’ for independent work or the use of glazed partitioning which allows rooms to be created but still retain an open, light environment without the sense of isolation sometimes associated with the ‘booth’ approach.

Breakout Furniture

Breakout spaces are a great place for collaborative work to really thrive and develop between your team, so can be a great investment for any business looking for design ideas. Breakout areas are a great place for employees to de-stress, relax and reflect on their day, so making them as comfortable as possible is essential. Having a breakout area should be a priority for businesses who want to reduce workplace stress and encourage healthier working habits in the office.

The concept here is not necessarily just referring to largescale ‘canteens’ – obviously all work premises don’t have the necessary space to incorporate such a room – but small scale seating areas with basic drink-making facilities can also serve this function.