Sooner or later, be it because your business has expanded or due to other reasons, you’ll need to move it to a new office space and this can be a great opportunity to make many positive changes that are going to help your business grow even more.

While most of the times moves are associated with spending a lot of money, this needn’t be an overriding concern since you can easily incorporate many latest design concepts quite simply,  in order to give a new look to your space, attract new talent to your company and overall impress anyone and everyone that steps into your office. So, let’s take a closer look at five top office design tips that are popular with office designers in 2014:

Workspace That’s Open
A great source of inspiration for when you want to relocate your business may come from the need for collaborative floor plans. If you’re the type who loves privacy and would like your new business to look very cosy and comfortable, then you should choose to have lots of communal spaces where your employees can gather to exchange information on projects, and also, of course feel part of a team. 

On the other hand, if contemporary is more like your style, then you should go with a design that features no closed perimeter offices and workstations clustered out in the open. At the end of the day, remember: if you want to encourage your staff to collaborate on projects, the fewer walls your offices has, the better.

Glass walls are here to stay

One of the best things about using frosted glass partitioning is that not only does it allow plenty of natural light to enter the office, but it’s also great for keeping your privacy. And you know what the best part about using it is? Employees love it, more daylight and swish looks are a big benefit!

So no matter if you’re in the process of renovating your current location or looking for a new office space, this office space makeover idea can give a fresh new look everyone is going to love and benefit from!

Using natural materials is a wise choice
Many forward thinking interior designers these days know that if they can bring nature inside into an office space, then they can easily make everyone feel more comfortable, less stressed and more productive. That is of course because humans aren’t made to live in enclosed spaces, and anything that hints nature and therefore freedom, instantly calms and makes a person feel better. Not only that, but sustainable and naturally sourced materials are an amazing option for companies that are environmentally conscious or companies that like to demonstrate this fact to the public.

Environmentally friendly workspace
A natural progression from incorporating natural materials. For the environmentally conscious individual, the eco-friendly workspace is the best choice to protect the environment and offer his or her employees a great alternative to the otherwise unhealthy choices of furniture and paint that are present in many of today’s offices. 

For example, you could easily reduce energy use by incorporating sources of natural light, such as skylights and at the same time greatly reduce harmful emissions by using green paints. In fact, by going down this route your employees are going to feel more energetic and therefore more productive, because hey: who doesn’t love working in a place that looks amazing and is also environmentally friendly?

Go for bright colours
Do you want to energise your workers so they are more productive? Then stop using boring colours and choose office furniture painted in lime, tangerine and similar colours.

office-design-for-here-and-now-02If you think they’re too bold for your walls though, you could easily balance the colour scheme by incorporating vividly coloured signage, art and upholstery. Even though the colour trends for office furniture may change from year to year, citrus accents stand the test of time and remain fresh for many years to come.

Of course a scatter gun approach to office colours schemes and design is a recipe for disaster. Speak to your office design team in depth about what you are trying to achieve and go through things in detail. They can then work with you in order to make the best changes so your office becomes a place that reflects your brand’s identity and a place where your employees can be happy, healthy and more productive!