As you are well aware, offices have radically changed over the past 15-20 years. 20 years ago one may have had grey offices with cubicles and huge bulky computers (more like glorified type writers) with awkward, exposed wiring and cumbersome copiers and fax machines.

Fast forward to today and our modern office equipment has changed radically as has the office space itself.  Our equipment is now smaller than ever, wireless, mobile, flat screens and high tech.


Emerging Technologies that Impact Work Spaces

Some of the emerging technologies we should expect in the near future that will impact the workplace space include “knowbots”, sensory-recognition software, virtual conferencing technology & interactive office spaces.

Some of the more exciting areas of development in the interactive office spaces are the placing of sensors around the work space, which if for example your desk chair picks up that your back  is experiencing pain or tensions, it can adjust the chair or signal to it to give you a back massage.

This type of technology would also affect the lighting, humidity and temperature in the work space.

With virtual conferencing technology becoming more commonplace, participants can feel as if they’re actually meeting in person, with walk-in facilities with full-length screens projecting 360’ views of conference participants. Anthony Robbins has already tested this technology hosting a conference in Australia while he was at his home in the US.

“Knowbots” are programs that scan databases and information and can be used, as an example, to summarise a report and mail the key points as an e-mail and voicemail to the user’s device.

Some of this technology one can already see the beginnings of in our work spaces now. With the speedy evolution of technology, our work spaces are fast evolving too!


Keeping up with the Changes and Planning Ahead

To keep up to speed with the changing working environment is important.

Give us a call and we’d be more than happy to advise you on how to design or renovate your office space to make the most of the space while also keeping up with our fast evolving working world!