Do you want to expand your office space but you don’t have the room? Well, rather than looking from left to right, try looking up!

If you are in a building with a high roof then why not build above? Unlike traditional methods where footings and supporting brickwork walls are required – Which can cause complete chaos to the operation of the business – Structural steel mezzanine floors offer an effective solution.


Design Ideas for a Mezzanine Floor

The options are endless for a mezzanine floor. Existing office areas can be moved to a mezzanine floor, or they can serve a new purpose for your building. Here are some design ideas:


Production Area or Assembly Space

If your production or assembly area is noisy or has lots of movement, it may be disrupting the parts of the office. A mezzanine floor is a perfect solution to separate work areas that don’t compliment each other.


Offices and Conference Rooms

Some of the most popular uses for mezzanine floors are for offices and conference rooms. The design options can be as simple as 4 walls and a door to modern furnishings and features that inspire employees to do some of their best work and collaborating.


Storage for company records

If company records are not referenced often, they are probably taking up valuable real estate in the daily work area. Creating a dedicated storage area for company records can declutter the office.


Employee break area

Research has shown that giving employees a space, that is completely away from their work and desks, dramatically increases overall productivity.  A welcoming break area can also help prevent burnout.


Installation of a Mezzanine Floor


Easy expansion

Mezzanine floors create more square footage without expanding your facility. They can be customised to fit around existing equipment, building columns and other obstructions – Even around angled and curved walls.


Fast installation enabling minimal disruption

From site survey, engineering calculations, approved drawings and building regulations, a mezzanine floor can be turned around in as little as 2 weeks and normally installed within 2/3 days.


Save money by using existing utilities

Mezzanine floors save additional energy costs (heat, air conditioning, electricity) because they use the current systems that your building already has in place. They can also accommodate lighting, sprinkler pipe, HVAC ducts, electrical and computer conduit.


Expanding your office can be easy with a mezzanine floor. There are many benefits to choosing this method of expansion. Economically, it is less expensive than purchasing additional property, and the design options are endless.