The new Omicron variant of coronavirus is said to spread thick and fast, especially as initial study indicates that the symptoms are much milder, so it is really important to avoid an outbreak in your office this winter, to ensure your business can continue to run.

We’re sharing some tips on avoiding an outbreak of coronavirus in the modern office.


A great way to reduce the amount of contact your employees have with each other during this vulnerable time, is staggering shifts. Having earlier and later shifts across the office will reduce the traffic and congestion inside the office during the day, minimising the contact employees will have and minimising the chances of an outbreak of coronavirus.


Keeping on top of your cleaning in the work place is absolutely essential during the times of higher infection rates, to decrease the amount of opportunities your employees can come into contact with the virus. We recommend that you create personal cleaning packs with antibacterial wipes or spray and clean cloths for your employees to have at their desk so they can keep on top of their cleaning over the course of the day.

Be sure to clean and wipe down communal areas at every opportunity during the day, especially the breakout areas where employees go to relax or make drinks for themselves, as there will be a lot of people in and out of this area over the course of the day.


Some businesses don’t like the idea of work from home, and the same goes for some employees who thrive in their office environment, however, encouraging work from home and offering it to as many employees as you can is a great way to reduce the chance of a COVID outbreak in your workplace.

There will be some employees who either can’t work from home or work in a position where confidentiality is a huge part of their work, it’s important that you protect those people who you need in the office, and those that can work from home well and efficiently should be free to do so and will ensure those office restricted employees are less exposed to contact, and as a result, the spread of the virus.


Although the 2 metre rule has been scrapped, it is still recommended, and can make a significant difference in your employees being fit and well for work, or an outbreak wreaking havoc on your business over the winter. The 2 metre rule is scientifically proven to reduce contact, which in turn reduces the risk of spreading coronavirus to co-workers, so it’s really important, that if you can, you can maintain a 2 metre rule in your office over a working day.

Paradigm Office Interiors offer a wide range of social distancing and coronavirus related furnishing solutions to keep your employees safe during this time of uncertainty. So, if you’re looking for an office space that not only offers a practical solution to the problem of providing a protected environment for your workforce, talk to us about how we can make that a reality.