In the world of warehousing, mezzanine floors have long been established as an economical way to add more floor space to an existing structure but do their benefits go way beyond the warehouse: We say YES!

For the uninitiated, a mezzanine floor is basically the insertion of an additional floor, or floors, into an existing structure between the main floors of a building. They can be designed and installed to duplicate the existing floor plan of a structure or, more commonly, be applied to part of an existing space and can be of a single or multi-tiered construction.

Whilst additional storage space for warehousing is, of course, a great use of mezzanine floors, at Paradigm Office Interiors we are increasingly overseeing their installation in a variety of workplaces and for a variety of purposes and feel that there are many benefits t o mezzanine floors that are often overlooked.


Business Relocation v Mezzanine Floors

There often comes a time with successful growth that the decisions appears on the horizon of expansion – more employees, more storage space, more workspace etc which, in turn, brings-up the subject of relocating to larger premises. However, business relocation isn’t the only option – and, depending upon circumstances, may be the more costly and disruptive approach to tackling the issues with which a growing business is faced.

Depending upon the exigencies of the existing structure, we’d recommend considering a mezzanine floor installation to overcome issues arising from expansion as a cost-effective alternate solution to relocation.

Mezzanine floors can be installed to hold additional offices, break-out facilities, storage rooms and all manner of bespoke work spaces giving a new lease of life to existing premises!


Key Benefits

  • Mezzanine floors of less than 200 sq/m don’t require planning permission (where planning permission is required over 200 sq/m, the Paradigm team would manage the process)
  • Smaller mezzanine floors – 20m in length or width with the floor not exceeding more than 50% of the floor area of the space that it is installed in – do not require a fire rating
  • They are considered to be a highly cost effective solution when compared to the price of expanding existing premises with traditional construction techniques.
  • They are relatively fast to install compared with block & beam and other more traditional methods of construction.
  • They can usually be installed with minimal disruption to the surrounding work environment.
  • They are flexible in their industry suitability: retail premises, warehouses, offices and manufacturing plants, for example


Design Versatility

As we alluded to above, mezzanine floors can house all manner of work spaces and, in working with our design team, a business can be assured of getting a completely bespoke solution that fulfils all of their requirements; how much extra floor space you need, how many storeys you require, the suitable loads requirements, escape routes etc.

The flexibility of the space greatly outstrips that of a traditional structure in terms of achievement costs, timescales and disruption to resident businesses.

Whilst he common notion of a mezzanine floor is literally that … an additional floor/level, the configuration options are virtually endless for what is built upon them. Doors, windows, plumbing, kitchens, data cabling, decor and so on are all completely configurable at the design stage to ensure a business has exactly what they need, in exactly the style and configuration they wish.


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