Two heads are better than one has been a common phrase that has become the backbone of many modern businesses and certainly in recent years, collaborative working has become an increasingly popular concept in the workplace and hence in office interior design. The principle here is that collaborative working entails employees working together to bring ideas into one project or campaign, a concept which research has shown to make better results in the long run and also brings teams together with a greater sense of cohesion.

So, how can you make collaborative stress free and more achievable with your office design?

Creating a collaborative office design is actually more simple than you may think and it can be achieved whether your design budget is big or small. The key is to creating spaces where employees can work closely together to bounce off each other comfortably and with the room to grow their own ideas.

Offering more than one way to work is essential for the office, and you should start by exploring the most common conditions your employees thrive in their working environment, everybody works differently and collaborative working isn’t for everyone at all times, so creating spaces that offer different working atmospheres from collaborative to independent and incorporating that seamlessly into your office design, or office fit-out, is the key.

Keeping It Comfy

Collaborative office working spaces should inspire and be spaces where ideas can flowing freely, and there’s nothing more distracting than discomfort. Keeping it comfy in your collaborative office design is essential for really getting the best out of those sessions where teams are working together to build an idea, a project or a campaign. Trying to dream-up the greatest of ideas when you’re constantly having to readjust your seat isn’t the easiest!

Also consider where in the office you should construct a collaborative space and how it will fit within the office environment. For example, glazed partitioning can be used to create a collaborative space free from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the office: this can be additionally a useful approach from preventing the hustle and bustle of a collaborative team disrupting other workers. Sound booths, which can be created with specific furniture and moveable partitioning designed to cut sonic contamination from outside and from within are particularly useful if more structural adaptations to the workplace aren’t practical or desired.

Read The Room

Making sure you allocate enough space for your collaborative working environments seems like a no brainer but can really hinder the quality of the work and the progress achieved if not everybody can be accommodated in the area at one time. Making sure you create a space that is open with enough space for everybody to get involved when needed is important to the entire design aspect.

Carefully consider not only the office seating to be used but also desking: if a team are working together, dependant upon the nature of the work they are undertaking, a large ‘boardroom table’ might be appropriate that everyone can sit around?

Get The Tech

Functional and easy to use technology should be easily accessed in collaborative working environments, what’s the point of having all these fabulous ideas pop up without being able to record them as soon as they come to mind? Collaborative working spaces should have a step up from just personal laptops to work with, those ideas should be available for all to see, so that they can continue to be built on and nothing is missed. Interactive boards, projectors and speakers to name a few tech essentials you would expect to see in a highly functional and successful collaborative working space.

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