As an employee, working in a healthy environment allows you to be more productive, feel better in yourself and take less sick days. Furthermore, you are less stressed when you feel healthy and fit in your office environment.

Long term you are more likely to be promoted and achieve more in your role when you are feeling well!

A few tips to help you stay healthy during your working day are:

Keep Your hands Clean – Wash your hands often or if that isn’t always possible, have a hand sanitiser close by and use it regularly. A lot of germs get passed on while you are in contact with other people and even from touching the physical items that they used. Keeping your hands clean is one of the best ways to prevent you from catching something.

Keep Your Desk clean – Wipe down surfaces often with sanitising wipes or an anti-bacterial spray. Your desk can carry more germs than a toilet seat so make sure to tidy up each day.

Make Hydration a Goal – You need stay well-hydrated so set yourself a goal to drink at least 8 glasses of water while you are at work. Water helps you stay alert and fresh. This helps your productivity, alertness and increases your energy levels. Try having a bottle of water on your desk to slurp from.

Eat Healthy Snacks – Improve your mood and boost brainpower by having healthy snacks throughout the day. Good choices include raw, unsalted nuts, veggies and fruit. This improves your overall health and helps curb cravings.

Stretch – The best way to avoid aches and pains is to stretch at regular intervals during the day. Be careful not to allow your body to get locked up in position if you are doing one routine stuck working at your desk all day. Get up, move around and stretch, preferably every hour!

As an employer, a simple way you can help contribute to a healthy environment is by employing:

Lighting Ergonomics – Getting rid of glares and shadows can reduce eye fatigue and headaches. Natural light is your best go to option but if that is not possible seek professional help on great lighting options that will go a long way for your employees overall health.