Integrating your brand into your office design is something that is an extremely common venture for many businesses, especially if the business invites customers and clients into their offices.  We are taking a closer look at tasteful incorporation, bringing to the life the identity of your brand into your office space, and how it can benefit your business in the long run.

An office refurbishment or refit is the perfect opportunity to start integrating your brand design into your office design ideas. It is important to get a general idea of how “on brand” you want your office space to be, whether it be subtle logos in your reception area or a full colour scheme running through the office that best fits the visualisation of your brand.

Integration of your brand is encouraged in corporate culture and is common place in the biggest businesses and brands in the world. Your office is the hub that defines your business visually and is an opportunistic place to display your brands personality and culture.

Something that is already a key element in office design, is setting the right tone with the way you showcase your brand and business. Building your brand and the ethos into your office design can give a visitors an instant idea of what your business is about and what you stand for with carefully curated and well designed branding.

By just walking into an office you can instantly gain an understanding of the atmosphere inside and what it could be like to work there. Our behaviour adapts in accordance to the emotive atmosphere that we pick up on in the building, so it is important to know what impression you want to give clients and customers when they enter your office.

Core design principles are constantly adapting and essentially in the modern work place there is a much more relaxed and open working environment encouraged. The introduction of a more flexible working approach within the office itself has become a popular ethos that many big brands have adopted to optimise productivity and morale in their employees.

More and more businesses are celebrating a more relaxed and friendly working environment, offering open working and a more fluid environment for employees to explore. The ideology that everybody has the same working style and approach is dead, as more and more businesses accommodate for a wide range of working styles.

Colour is a huge part of brand integration and can be one of the most simple ways to incorporate your brand into the office design. Many businesses with a strong brand idea will have a palette of colours that are appropriate for their office redesign, however if you don’t have an established palette, you can use colour to express the ethos of your brand with ease. For example red often symbolises power and leadership, while green symbolises peace and relaxation.

When using colour in your office design it is important to ensure it flows well throughout your entire office as oppose to singling out a specific area as this can give off an erratic and messy vibe. If you are confident with your brand colours then go as bold as you like, often brands will use furniture or feature walls to display the brand’s colour identity.

Overall, there are many ways to integrate your brand identity into your business, and it is important to consider carefully best practice for your business, your employees and your office. It is important to gain an understanding of what the people who actually work for your business think and get as much feedback as you can on how you can bring your brand to life in the office.