Technology has become a huge part of our everyday lives and even more so in the modern workplace, so getting with the times and upgrading your technology can not only make your business more attractive to work for but can increase productivity, efficiency and the quality of the work being produced by your employees.

We’re sharing four innovative office tech upgrades you can make in refashioning your office to encourage a better working environment.


Wireless charging stations are becoming popular in the modern office as our technology advances further and can be great for boosting space-saving when it comes to large sockets all over the office.

It also boosts health and safety in the office, as loose wires are one of the biggest risks to employee safety in the workplace, by minimising the number of leads and wires trailing around your office floors and workstations will decrease the risk of tripping on wires or neglected frayed wires becoming a fire or electrocution hazard.


Much like wireless charging stations, tabletop powers sources will minimise the risk of tripping or ripping wires on the floor and provide an easier option to power up your devices and technology without having to go under your desk to either plugin or unplug wires.

Tabletop power stations are also, again, great for space-saving in a compact office and a worthy consideration when remodelling a workspace.


Going as wireless as possible in your modern office should be a top priority when acquiring new technology for your business and employees, there are so many benefits to upgrading to a more wireless workplace.

Wires have always been a safety hazard in the office, so as aforementioned, opting for more wireless devices in your office will drastically improve the safety in the surroundings of your space, but this is not the only benefit.

As collaborative working becomes more and more encouraged in the modern office, using wireless equipment that your employees can easily move around and flow through the office with is essential for inspiring a better quality of collaborative working, and encourages people to come together in the workplace.


Personalised lighting system, wireless heating, air conditioning and lighting controls can be a great technology upgrade for the modern office and if you are in the position to put this into your workplace it can be a huge benefit to your business.

Not only is this the perfect piece of technology for the environmentally conscious business who wants to make a difference by reducing their carbon footprint but can also help with saving huge amounts of money over-time on energy bills if you can adjust and personalise the lighting and heat projected into your office.

There are so many different ways to implement office environment automation to suit your business needs and demands depending on the size of your office, with many manufacturers offering simple solutions to reduce your bills and do your bit for the environment whilst creating a comfortable setting for your employees to thrive in.