Taking consideration of the huge focus on global warming is essential for the modern workplace and creating an environmentally friendly office will see your workplace doing their bit and making their mark in the battle to decrease the damage we are imprinting on the planet.

Having a conscience about how we can make our surroundings more ‘eco friendly’ is becoming increasingly important, especially in the modern office. Excuses are wearing thin on the need for disposable materials and the market is offering more and more environmentally friendly products that will not only look good but encourages a better environment to work in.

In this post we will explore the ways you can upgrade and alter your office to make it a more eco friendly place to work.



Using plants and trees in the modern office is extremely common, and almost a staple in the office of today. Plants and trees not only encourage a more environmentally friendly place to work but also the design using greenery is proven to increase postive wellbeing and productivity to employees. There are many ways that you can incorporate plants and more greenery into the office, whether that is a few scattered potted plants to a full scale shrubbery wall.



Using renewable energy is a great way to dramatically decrease the carbon footprint of your business. Solar energy is one of the most popular energy sources in modern office buildings and has many benefits to your business as well as the planet. Solar energy cuts energy bills by masses, with an average of 75% saving on your bills. The investment into solar panel can seem expensive at first, but you could find your business making the money back invested and more, in just over a year of using solar panels in hugely slashed energy bills.



If solar panels are not a viable investment for you, there are many energy saving gadgets and technology that can help you to decrease your unnecessary use of electricity and gas. Light controllers, energy management systems and smart meters are all dedicated to helping you reduce the energy consumption in your office.



Designing your office for optimum use of natural light is a great way to benefit the environment as you will be using less artificial light as a result of well thought out design. Using the windows in your office space to reduce your carbon footprint is inexpensive and has multiple benefits, including a smaller need for air conditioning and fans, as you can just open the windows and take advantage of the free fresh air.

Overall, understanding the importance of the positive effect your office can have on the environment is imperative to businesses of today and the future. Not only does a more natural and eco friendly office have a positive effect on surroundings, it has a positive effect on the wellbeing of your team of staff too, increasing positivity, productivity and people will be proud to work in an office that is conscious of the ongoing responsibility we have to protect our planet.