It’s no secret that levels of productivity in the UK have dipped in recent years and there are many factors that contribute to this. Employees have been working longer and feeling less appreciated by their superiors, both elements that have negatively affected the productivity levels and willingness to go the extra mile for the employer.

Having a great break area for your employees has been proven to boost productivity, as it allows them to take their breaks in an area that is designed to stimulate relaxation and offer a place to wind down, connect with colleagues and refuel before the next half of their day. 

So how can you design your break area to offer a relaxing place for your employees that will boost their productivity? 


An underestimated piece of furniture that is commonly found in the home, is one of the most effective pieces of furniture that you can buy for your breakout area. Sofas are heavily related to relaxing at home, so injects an element of the ‘home from home’ feel in the office. 


The kitchen has been often referred to as the heart of the home, so there is no wonder that making a kitchen the heart of the office boosts the mood and furthermore the productivity of your employees. Providing a quality kitchen with great facilities will reduce the need for employees to have to travel down the road to get food and drink throughout the day, meaning they can enjoy their break all in one place without the unnecessary coffee runs in the pouring rain. 


Getting the colour scheme right in your break area is more important than you may initially consider. Choosing colours that offer a light, relaxing atmosphere is important when trying to encourage a rise in productivity levels. Orange stimulates the brain with creative and imaginative energy. Blue resembles the ocean and is recognised as a colour of calm and relaxation. 


Utilise your break area when there are celebrations to be had, like birthdays and Christmas. Making your break area the hub for connecting and encouraging everyone to come together will leave a lasting impression and a great atmosphere in the office. When designing your break area, make sure you create a space big enough to hold special events and parties. 


Offer your employees something fun to do whilst they unwind in the break room. Popular installations are pool tables, video games and televisions. Activities allow employees to let off steam and distracts them from the busy working environment for a while. Giving your employees a relaxing activity to partake in during their break is proven to boost productivity, as it offers a release. 


When designing or updating your break room, one of the most important things you need to continuously consider is how will this break area benefit employees. You can make this easier for yourself when designing your break area by listening to, valuing and considering the opinions of your team that will actually be the ones utilising the area.