We spend so much time in the office, it’s only right that we should put more consideration into its overall style and environment. Imagine if your office could feel just like your home!

Although a lot of offices have gone fully paperless, many employees still find themselves sifting through clutter at their desks. Now imagine the impression this leaves on your new client or an outsider who’s visiting for a meeting. They’ve never been to your office before and they’ll notice the mess as soon as they step foot through the door.

The office provides a perfect place to combine function and fashion for an unexpected rejuvenation of office décor.

Here are a few tips for you to try out at the office to make it feel more homely.

Add Some Colour

Make an informed decision on your office paint and décor. Think about how you could incorporate your organisation’s branding into your office décor, this can have a powerful psychological impact on clients.

Don’t accept whatever was there when you first moved in. Like the previous tenants, the decor job should be out with the old and in with the new.

Look For Furniture Alternatives

Often when people move into their first home, the furniture follows piece by piece from different suppliers and it all comes together to fit very nicely in the end.

Consider this for your office rather than going for the one style suites all set. Try out different stores and get different kinds of furnishing that combines similar style and colour to come up with a unique feel.

Don’t Procrastinate on Clutter

Trying setting some time, even 15min a day, to go through clutter in your office. Or have a weekly de-clutter day tied in with your recycling schedule. If you don’t actively plan how to deal with clutter it will continue to build up and before you know it, it’ll take over your space.