As technology continues to develop at a rapid pace, it is having a huge impact on the design of the modern office. Creating working spaces that suit the modern work ethic and atmosphere is important to encourage productivity and inspiration to your team. In this post we look at 3 key ways in which technology is influencing the way that the modern office is designed.



Corner offices, long banks of desks and cubicles are so far removed from the modern office environment. Thanks to mobile technology we can now work with ease anywhere, anytime and at any capacity. Businesses are rapidly recognising the importance of the effects an employees surroundings, and making it easier for people to work in a space that is easier and comfortable for them.

Designers are being brought in to create office spaces that encourage face to face interaction, shared workspaces to encourage inspiring communication and an opportunity to network with other like minded people. Mobility is driving the importance of comfort and casual work spaces, both in and out of the office environment. 



With mobility being the ideal framework for the modern office, it is important that you update your office technology to reflect that mobile ethos. Wireless computers, Wi-Fi, tablets, charging stations and interactive boards are just some of the ways you can enhance your office to increase mobility and nurture the productivity and comfort that mobility with technology brings to your employees.

Office furniture companies are desperate to cash into this new wave of mobility focused offices and are continuously developing and designing furniture that create a compact but multi functional space that offers not only comfort but the opportunity to be constructive at the same time. 



Not so long ago, the design process was very different and your only visuals offered on the finished product of your newly designed office were basic drawings and important outlines. Technology has given interior designers innovative tools that allow them to create and demonstrate the exact design of your office both before and after design with accuracy and digitally to a high specification.

BIM (building information modelling) software allows every person involved in your office design to have full access to ongoing design, development and alterations along the way. It allows a design team to integrate and collaborate seamlessly to achieve a high quality design. 

Technology is continuously developing and offering new, exciting and innovative ways to work together and work well. Technology is ever provided ways to heighten and advance the way that we evolve as people as well as developing the way we do business, it’s important to recognise the importance of technology in the work place, and how it can enhance a team of people to encourage inspiration, productivity and positive wellbeing.