As a new year dawns, so does the constant evolution and development of the way we work and in 2022 there are many emergent office design trends that will seem the obvious next step as our workplaces evolve into the ‘new normal‘ with the pandemic seemingly in retreat after two years of uncertainty.

So, we’re sharing our top office design trends for 2022.

Sustainable office design

As a society we are becoming more conscious of our surroundings and how we can affect the environment around us, especially now we’re spending more time in the office than ever before, it’s important to find ways we can do our bit to make a more sustainable environment as possible.

Sustainable office design has never been more popular, with more and more businesses finding ways to incorporate as much sustainability into their office design as possible.

Businesses need to do more to reduce their carbon footprint and do their bit in building a more sustainable future for everyone, and it doesn’t have to be expensive or complex there are so many ways to add more sustainability into your office design, with the world becoming more conscious of their responsibility to do their part for the bigger picture, we expect to see more and more sustainability appearing in office design.

Flexible office design

Flexible working is nothing new, but we expect it to become even more integrated in the way we work and the way we design our office space in 2022, with flexibility gaining huge relevance over the last two years.

We continue to live in uncertain times, and businesses should be prepared for that as much as they can with the knowledge we have now, so flexible office design is the perfect way to make sure you can provide a working environment that is suitable no matter what happens over the next 12 months.

Wellbeing focused office design

We’ve seen a total culture shift in the importance of wellbeing, employee empowerment and safety over the last two years and we expect that wellbeing focused office design will become a huge trend in 2022.

The pandemic has reminded us of the importance of taking care of employee welfare and health, and you can capitalise on this by creating a safe space for your team that offers a number of wellbeing benefits, to show them you care and value them after the last two years that we have been through.

Protecting and prioritising the wellbeing of your employees has been proven time and time again that it increases motivation, productivity and the quality of the work they produce.

Community and connective office design

After working from home became the new normal for almost two years for many businesses, community and connectivity has been deprived in the workplace for so long, for so many and the return to work is something that is only now being reintroduced by businesses.

Your employees would have been limited to their social interactions in their work from home set up and coming back into the office can be a daunting prospect, especially for those who have joined your team during the pandemic and never met anybody in person, so creating an office space that is designed to bring people together and inspire collaborative working is a trend we expect to see a lot of in office design in 2022.