We are moving towards the mid-point of 2019, and as usual office furniture and design is continuing to develop and revolutionising as we become more and more conscious of the needs and desires of employees in addition to the demands and requirements of modern business. So, now seems like to a good time to identify any emerging trends and ideas in office interiors that you could replicate, or incorporate elements thereof, into your workspace.

Relaxation Spaces

Business demand is continuing to grow and become more intense which can be stressful for employees who spend 8 hours a day working to fulfil the requirements of the business. Research has shown that it is important to show employees your appreciation for their endeavours and have an understanding of how difficult it can be at at times on ‘the shop floor’: this is where the trend of relaxation spaces can help. Most workplaces have probably got a kitchen and a break area, but a relaxation area is a little different to your traditional break area, but fortunately doesn’t have to be expensive and time consuming to create either. The area offers flexibility and a place for employees to relax during their working day and recoup their thoughts and energy during their time there. Think of it as a place to gather your thoughts in an area that is distinct from the main workspace, often furnished and decorated to appear far removed from the rest of the office interior,  that offers employees a temporary reprieve – both physically and mentally – from their regular work and working environment. Recent research has indicated that a relaxation area in an office can increase productivity and wellness amongst employees by up to 40%.


Second To Nature

The biophilic trend is something that has been moving into office spaces for quite a few years now but from the humble cactus on the desks of employees the trend has developed into floral walls and huge hanging displays of greenery taking over the modern office. We don’t see this trend going away any time soon either, thanks to the outstanding benefits that thorough research has concluded, Biophilic design will become standard practice in offices and only increase in prominence as we continue to develop in the world of office design. Adding more biophilic quality to your office will boost productivity and wellness amongst employees resulting in a boost of positive mindset, positive moods and positive results for your business.


Experience Spaces

A relatively new concept making a name for itself in contemporary office interior design is that of ‘experience spaces’. Some of the top global tech companies (Google, Facebook etc) are installing a number of different experiences into their office designs in 2019. The trend has always been relatively popular in the retail and hospitality sector for guests and customers, where positive experiences are essential for the success of the business, and this now appears to be influencing the corporate sector  who looking for ways to improve their employees job satisfaction and sense of well being and, of course, productivity and creative thinking. 

We are seeing massage tables, rock climbing walls and yoga studios being installed into the modern office, with employees benefiting from unlimited accessibility to these experiences that claim to boost productivity, inspiration for projects and create a healthier well being for individuals that utilise the experiences. 

Office design is continuously evolving and we expect to see even more focus on wellness and positive mental attitude in the future of office design in the years to come.


What do you think the next big trend will be?