Every person has a tolerance to distraction, some of those people will have a much lower tolerance than others, with their heads being turned with the first sign of an opportunity to be distracted. It is for this reason that creating innovative office design features that minimise these opportunities to get side-tracked from the everyday distractions in the hustle and bustle of the modern office is essential. Below are some examples of office design features you can use to dismiss distraction and keep your employees more focused throughout their working day.


The use of partitions has been one of the most popular ways to eliminate distraction in the workplace for businesses, and it does work. Partitions can help to create more personal working environments that create a much more focused and productive atmosphere as it allows you to section off areas of your office that may cause high levels distraction. Partitions can also be used to encourage independent working in the modern office, where collaborative working can thrive alongside, without dragging everybody, especially those who are easily distracted, into those more disruptive working environments.

Partitions are a really popular piece of office furniture and have become even more so thanks to the pandemic, which has seen our working environments become more socially distant. Partitions can really fit any budget, they come in so many shapes, sizes, designs and materials, you will be sure to find a style that suits your office.


Having an area in your office that is dedicated to creating a more social atmosphere, where those distracting conversations can take place, without it filtering into the professional working environment, is essential for minimising disruption. It should not be encouraged for employees to take breaks at their desks, they should be offered a space that allows them to take their breaks in a comfortable environment with a more casual atmosphere to allow employees to switch off and reflect on their day, without the stress of the office floor as their backdrop.

You can kit out your breakout spaces with comfortable furniture, like sofas and chairs, to create a much comfier and casual environment that will make your employees feel like they have been well rested on their breaks, allowing them to go back to their desks feeling refreshed.


A cluttered working space creates a cluttered mind, and a cluttered mind will wonder at every opportunity. Making sure your employees are working environment that is organised and clutter free is essential and actually won’t break the bank when developing storage solutions to ensure that your employees are working in clutter free surroundings.

You should also make distracting common objects on your desk harder to reach, your mobile phone is the most common method of distraction that will have you wasting many minutes and hours in your working week with a single notification which spirals into several minutes of scrolling, we’re all guilty of it and finding a way to eliminate that distraction should be a high priority. Mobile phones should be out of reach so that you can’t see or hear notifications pinging.


The acoustics of your office atmosphere can be the difference between a focused or a distracted workforce, so it’s another factor to eliminating your distractions when it comes to the acoustics of your office. Very open plan office designs are extremely loud and distracting, take the stock market floors of America for example, they are notoriously noisy and unless you’re the Wolf Of Wall Street, this kind of office design will not benefit you or your employees when it comes to creating good work to the best of your ability.

Using acoustic furniture and acoustic office structure, will help to keep the noise down and keep your employees free from distraction during their working day. There are so many ways to add good acoustic furnishings to your office, that can be met by any budget, and any size of an office. Soft furnishings, carpet and wall baffles, are all great ways to reduce the noise pollution in your office, thus dismissing distractions.