Coworking involves working in a shared environment under one roof, but usually not for the same company. It can bring together companies that share the same values and are from different industries.

Coworking spaces are becoming ever more popular and creating one that people can use is a savvy business move. You may be creating an asset. However before doing so there are some factors to consider.


Identify Your Market

Don’t try to be everything to everyone or you will struggle to deliver a strong and consistent marketing message. Focus your attention on a particular industry or segment so as to appeal to them specifically with the space you create and constantly attract like-minded business.

Understanding your prospective customers allows you to define your Coworking space. You want to create a community built on shared values and philosophies, not just a shared office.


Location for Your Co-Working Space

A recent survey found that 81% of coworkers enjoyed having restaurants, supermarkets and snack bars in the vicinity. Where you set up is important so once you identify your market it will help you pick a place. Whether it’s a central business district or a quiet office park, the location you pick must cater to your markets’ needs and wants to ensure your sustainability.


Create a Coworking Space which offers Flexibility and Fun

A lot of designers are basing their concepts around the idea that no employee should be stuck at a desk and they should have the freedom to roam and find a comfortable spot to work in every day.

Options of being in one environment that mimics a coffee shop, a friend’s living room and a teen’s dream game room are some of the developments that are happening around the world.


Interior Design for Your Co-Working Space

Within a few seconds of entering a co-working space a person will know if they like it or not. It is important that your space appeals to your target market.

Good, well thought out interior design helps manage moods and attitudes, creates environments conducive for conversation, collaborations and productivity. Don’t allow your imagination to be limited when it comes to interior design for your new coworking space!