Open office design is growing in popularity for the modern business and have numerous benefits increasing collaborative working, however if you are considering ways you can create a level of privacy and confidentiality in your open office, there are a number of things you can do during an office refit to maintain a working balance between open space and privacy.

Desk dividers

Desk dividers in certain areas of your office can be useful and work wonders for creating a more private setting to work in if you are in need of a more confidential space to work.

They create physical barriers between you and your co-workers, and whilst we wouldn’t recommend deploying these dividers in every area of the office, it could be beneficial to have them put in a specific area of your office to offer both collaborative and independent working across your business.

There are many types of desk dividers available to suit your office needs, from glass to allow light to continue to travel through the office or you could opt for a full screen that completely blocks out any distraction.

Separate work stations

Instead of having banks of desks, you can create separate work stations that allow your employees to work more independently with much more confidentiality and privacy.

Again, this doesn’t haven’t to be a theme throughout your office, but utilising the space you have to give each employee a few feet of extra space between desks in certain areas of your office will be beneficial to those seeking more privacy.

Partitioning walls

Partition walls are a really popular way to add some structure and privacy to an open plan office, and glass partitions in particular have become a widely favoured choice for modern businesses.

Glass partition walls will allow you to create the privacy and structure you need to have a more confidential working environment without boxing off the office as glass allows light to travel and flow freely through them, creating the illusion that the office is still very much open.

Designated quiet spaces

As touched on in all the previous ideas, there is no need to create an entire office designed for privacy and confidentiality, you can explore diverse ways to design an office space that works for every individual need of your employees.

Creating designated quiet spaces by incorporating partitions, separate work stations and desk dividers in one particular area of your open office is a great way to add that element of privacy whilst also offering collaborative open working for those who thrive better in that working environment and offering two ways of working can help you meet the demands of the business and needs of your employees much better.

Paradigm Office Interiors can work with your business to develop an office design that works for you, whilst offering numerous furnishing options to suit the needs of employees who thrive in both collaborative and private settings to ensure you can get the very best out of your employees and provide for their working needs to inspire better results for your business.