The ‘open’ office trend has become increasingly desirable for many modern workplaces, and although this innovative and forward thinking trend has numerous benefits, one of the main cons, is a lack of privacy when you work which in turn can hinder productivity.

Many modern offices are beginning to understand that there is a difference between an open office and an open office that is TOO open. There are many ways you can solve these privacy issues whilst maintaining the open office environment, here are a few ways.


The use of screens has become a popular option for offices trying to balance collaboration and privacy. Take a look at your floor plan and gather some ideas on how you can implement divider screens in your office space. Too many will close the office off and make it feel very caged, but the right use of dividers can easily flow into an open office. 


Offering your employees a variety of ways to work is always a winner, and a boost for employee retention and job satisfaction. When it comes to solving privacy issues, creating designated quiet areas that offer individuals a more intimate, private setting to get their work done, is a sure fire way to maintain the open office outlook, without taking away the opportunity to work privately.


Designing a private area for your employees to work in doesn’t have to be dull and it doesn’t have to become the sore thumb that sticks out in your open office design. There are so many ways to install private working areas, that will empower productivity, being conscious of the levels of privacy that you may encounter employees needing are:

  • Informational Privacy
  • Acoustic Privacy
  • Visual Privacy
  • Territorial Privacy

All of these privacy needs should be met by your business, to ensure your employees feel like they have a place to go that is secure, and safe for them to work in, as well as being an engaging environment.

It’s so important to get the balance right in an open office, as the consequences of not being considerate to people’s need for both collaborative and private working can cause many issues. Being conscious of the working environments your employees would like to work in important for sustaining their job satisfaction and essentially their loyalty as an employee