There is no need to just have pot plants or plants on the ground in your office. Consider installing a green wall which will offer your workspace far more than purely visual appeal.

Green walls help block out noise and muffle sound even better then a normal wall does. Another major benefit is improved air quality – Having the live plants in the office helps remove pollutants in the air.

If you include herbs and salad in your green wall you can also provide healthy food for your employees to enjoy!


Choose Your Path: Design or Consultation

Creating A green wall is an easy ‘DIY’ project and can be loads of fun as a team building exercise for your staff. How better to inspire loyalty in your employees than by having them pitch in and design their own green wall?

However, when you build your own office green wall there is a risk that it won’t flourish as well as you’d hoped. This risk can be minimised by consulting an Architect, Landscape Gardener or Horticulturalist, who can advise you on what’s best for your specific office and how best to maintain your living wall.


Installation of Your Office Green Wall

You may choose to enlist the help of a professional green wall designer for your project.

Professional green wall designers will ensure that no damage happens to your walls in the long run. They do this by providing the right irrigation system which prevents seepage issues that can cause mould or instability of the walls.

The timeline for the installation of the green wall can be anywhere from one day to over a week. A green Wall designer can have it done with minimal disruption to your work flow. Some projects can take up to four months as a specific plants needs to be nurtured in the right environment before going up on your wall.


Maintenance of a Green Wall in Your Office

Like any living organism your Green Wall needs to be cared for, this the key to a successful lasting Green Wall.

Ongoing Maintenance plays a major part to preserving your investment. Weed infestation needs to be controlled with regular inspection, the wall also needs to be pruned and watered to ensure its good growth.

It can be worth agreeing who will be responsible for looking after the green wall so that it can be enjoyed for many years to come.