Office design and refurbishment takes a lot more than just actually putting the physical furniture and design together, there are SO many factors you need to take into consideration before you even buy one new chair or desk. An office fit out or refurbishment effects your business and it’s surrounding in so many ways and making sure you have completed all the important tasks that need to be done before you begin transforming your office is essential for a smooth and organised refit.

We are sharing a few things you will need to consider and complete before you begin tearing up your old office and bringing in your shiny new office design and furniture.

Making It Legal

There are instances depending on the scale of your office design or refurbishment, where you will need the approval of your local authorities, this is something that we can help you with at Paradigm Interiors.

In instances where Building Regulation Approval is required, all drawings, engineering calculations and specifications produced by ourselves, are submitted with the relevant application forms to the Local Authority on your behalf. We will also respond to any queries that may be raised until the necessary approval is obtained.

Financing Your Fit Out

Working to a budget and working out if you can afford to stretch it at all, should be one of the first things you establish before you commit to any contracts or purchases for your new office design. There are many ways you can finance your fit out, from outright payments to flexible financing options with your office designers. Paradigm Interiors can help you with either spreading the cost of your fit out or working in the budget you have available, we have a number of financial experts who can help you to stick to your budget and find the very best options for making sure you get the most for your money.

Planning Your Space

Carefully planning your office design or refurbishment to ensure that it actually fits into the space you have is essential for everything to go to plan. Space planning will help your business to reduce costs, increase flexibility, encourage interaction, support cultural change, stimulate creativity, attract and retain staff, reduce environmental impact and enhance productivity. You will need to take all of this into consideration when assessing your office needs, whether it’s feasibility studies or building appraisals to help you decide how much space you need actually need.

Paradigm Office Interiors offer a full consultancy service that will help you to develop your office fit out perfectly, and ensure that the whole process runs smoothly with optimum organisation and efficiency, meaning you can get the office of your dreams with less stress and experts on your side to assist you every step of the way.