When designing and creating a working space for your employees, you want to create a space that inspires hard work and optimum productivity, so that your business can thrive and grow as a result. However, if you want to achieve these goals it is essential to consider in what kind of environment your employees will thrive and grow in their roles too and recent, well-publicised office design trends may not be prioritising elements desired by employees.

A recent survey carried out by Future Workplaces suggests that employees prefer comfort and functionality over flashy and quirky office design: the basketball hoops and indoor slides of the Facebook & Google HQs of this world, it would seem, maybe of novelty value but the elements of an office workspace that that are seen as important factors to employees are stated as physical amenities such as kitchen ares, breakout rooms etc.

However, physical comfort was identified as the most important aspect of an office environment, according to the survey, which may be of little surprise considering we are spending more time in the office than ever in recent years (current COVD-19 ramifications notwithstanding). Keeping your office professional whilst adding soft furnishings to enhance the comfort of your employees is a great way to improve and maintain great productivity and general employee happiness. Making the office environment functional in the sense of a home from home atmosphere, where possible, is one of the most effective ways to keep employees happy and willing to work harder.

When it comes to functionality, nothing is more frustrating than not being able to work efficiently and productively in your role due to the poor functionality of furniture and technology in the workplace: this was one of the most complained about problems with the average office in the aforementioned survey. Making sure that you are providing your employees with equipment and furniture that is efficient, works correctly and is up to date is essential for keeping employees satisfied and should be a top priority for business owners.

A functional office design doesn’t have to be expensive and can suit every budget: a little research to make sure that you are providing your best office design efforts for your employees will go far! There are so many different options when it comes to making your office more functional: do you achieve this incrementally over time, or in your future office fit out/refit plans, for example? Constantly improving the quality of your equipment and being proactive when it comes to making sure everything is working well will do wonders for employee satisfaction with their working surroundings.

Quirky and unique office design is still relevant, but can be largely style over substance (or more importantly expenditure over ROI) as it doesn’t necessarily add to the quality of the environment from an employee’s perspective. However, survey respondents did indicate that unique and modern design is more likely to attract them to apply for a position with an employer and it can make an impressive impact on clients and customers who want to work with, or buy from, a company.

Finding the right balance is key and adding those quirky features into a well-functioning and comfortable office space is very much achievable with the right office designers and the right direction. Paradigm Office Interiors have been offering businesses across Birmingham, the West Midlands and nationally office refurbishment and office furniture services that offers value for money for employers, comfort and practicality for employees and are aesthetically pleasing using the latest design approaches. Call us now on 01675­ 437 547.