When it comes to designing an office environment you would usually imagine a very standard design, right? Well, in 2018, the standard table, chairs and desktop computer isn’t good enough for some of the most well known businesses and brands in the world. 

The reason behind brand and businesses taking office design to weird and wonderful extremes is to increase and promote positivity, productive and pleasant surroundings for employees. Companies like Google need their employees to be in a creative mind set and have designed their offices to promote their needs in their employees. Today we are taking a look at 8 weird & wonderful office designs that take employee wellness and satisfaction to new heights.


Inventionland Design Factory

The Pittsburg based offices of Inventionland Design Factory are like nothing you’ve seen before. The 70,000 sq ft office has a multitude of themed areas including a pirate ship office, tree-houses and a racing track. Inventionland employees invent over 2,000 new items every single year which is a result reflected on their employees working conditions. Not only does the office have fun and vibrant decor, it also has state of the art sound, video and animation facilities and top tech workshops that allow their “Creationeers” to fully develop their innovative creations. 



The lego offices in London were designed in 2014 and have been an inspiration for other brands wanting to develop innovative working spaces. The office features a full length slide taking you from one floor to another. Inspiring their creative team of nearly 200 employees is of high importance to Lego, which is why they offer an office that allows staff to recharge their batteries, be comfortable and inspire creativity.



Photo: FDC construction

We couldn’t have a post on weird and wonderful office designs without including the Google offices. Google are the original innovators behind using office space to design employee-focused decor that they believe promotes creativity and inspiration. There are several Google offices across the globe each with a plethora of weird and wonderful design. In the New York office they have a huge slide and allow you to take your dogs to work with you. In the Tel Aviv office they have a gym, and in Australia they have sleep pods and a comfort wall. Google stand by their incredible office designs and say they wouldn’t be able to achieve as much as they do without this design, and have an extremely low staff turnover as a result. 


Selgas Cano Architecture

Photo; Iwan Baan

Photo: Iwan Baan

Based in Madrid, the Selgas Cano Architecture office takes biophilic design to new levels. The idea behind this design is to take the pressure and mentality of a busy life in the city, away from it’s employees by building an office in the middle of nature. Half the tube is glass and the other is white, to deter glare on computer screens. The space inside is modern, minimalist, bright and airy – the perfect working environment for someone who can’t abide the sterile conditions that befit many an office.